How I Get My Everyday Curls

August 23, 2017


Sharing How I Get My Everyday Curls - M Loves M @marmar

This has to be one of my most requested posts so I’m so happy to be finally sharing with you all! Most days you’ll find me in loose waves. My hair is typically stick straight and maybe it’s true that we want what we can’t have, but I’ve always longed for wavy hair. Since I wasn’t blessed with it naturally, I call to my curling iron– lately my 1 ¼“ X-Long Gold Curling Iron 1 ¼ from PRO Beauty Tools. Read on for a full tutorial for how I get my everyday curls, along with a giveaway! 

How I Get My Everyday Curls

sharing my tips for how to get my everyday waves

Step 1: Start with dry hair! Usually I wash my hair the night before, blowdry it with this tool from PRO Beauty Tools, and style it in the mornings. For the sake of these photos I did it the same day, but usually I like my hair extra dry before blowdrying it to ensure the curls last longer. 

love this XL curling iron- perfect if you have longer hair! tips for adding curls to medium long hair

 Step 2: Section off your hair. I separate the hair above my ears and pin it to the top of my head. Then I separate the bottom into two sections and work on one at a time. 

my tips for curling hair into soft waves - M Loves M hair tutorial - how to get soft waves M Loves M @marmar curling hair tips for medium long hair

Step 3: Curl Your Hair. I like to grab a section of hair about an inch thick and wrap it around the barrel, always away from my face. I try to wrap the hair so that it’s a little thicker against the barrel, and doesn’t sit flat against it. I think this is what gives a more bouncier curl. For my hair I like to use a 1 1/4” curling iron. You can go wider for bigger curls, or smaller for tighter ones. I grab the hair around the barrel and try to leave an inch out at the bottom. I hold for 10-12 seconds and then release carefully, cupping my hand under where the barrel would drop the curl. I hold for about 5 seconds and then drop my hand. I think this allows the curl to dry a little more and hold its shape.  

tips for curling hair into romantic waves hair tip: hold the curl as it cools to give more defined, and long-lasting, curls hair tip: wrap hair around curling iron, away from the face love this pro tools XL curling iron my tips for everyday curls - M Loves M

I’ll continue with the rest of my hair, always curling away from my face. When I’ve done all the sections I flip my hair upside down and carefully run my fingers through the curls. I think this allows my waves to look a little more natural. 

Step 4: Finish with hairspray. To really ensure my curls last, I pull out a flexible hairspray and spray spray spray!

M Loves M loose curls hair tutorial hair tutorial for everyday waves by M Loves M Mara Ferreira a must-try hair tutorial for romantic, everyday curls a curling iron that works for longer hair Try this tutorial by M Loves M for everyday romantic curlsChoosing a good curling iron is key when you’re creating any curled hairstyle! I just got this one from PRO Beauty Tools and I love how well it works. Plus the price point is so so good! If you’re looking for a new, affordable curling iron, I’d highly recommend this one. Also, if you have long hair, you’ll probably love the XL barrel style. It’s 2 inches longer than their standard so definitely ideal for those of you with long, gorgeous locks!


I’m giving away 2 curling irons to any of you hair-obsessed girls! All you have to do is follow along on Instagram and Facebook and leave a comment below! 

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you’d like to see any others please let me know. Big thanks to PRO Beauty Tools for gifting me this curling iron so I could share the tutorial with you all! 


photos by Jordan Zobrist