The Best Pieces to Transition Into Fall With

August 14, 2017


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Can you believe it’s already the middle of August?! I can’t seem to slow time down between us moving and Augustine turning one soon. Everything is happening so fast and now all of a sudden fall is right around the corner! Even though it’s still over 80 degrees here in Southern California {and will be for the next couple months} I can’t wait for fall! It’s really my favorite season of the entire year, if only we lived somewhere the leaves actually changed color. I thought I’d share some of the best pieces to transition into fall with to get you through this transitional period. I’m so excited for the season ahead! Are you?

The Best Pieces to Transition Into Fall With

The Lighter Third Layer

Your lighter third layer can be anything from a staple jean jacket to a light kimono. Kimonos are very in right now. They’re making a comeback and a good one at that. They’re great for when you want some coverage on a breezy day but it’s not quite chilly enough for a sweater. Kimonos are a great item to add to your wardrobe this season. Don’t feel as though you have to buy a bright floral one, either! There are some amazing kimonos with more neutral or darker colors that are great to wear into fall. In addition, lighter utility or jean jackets are your best friend for this season. I’m all about the third layer for fall!

Jeans + Denim skirts

As I’ve mentioned before, jeans are a staple item. I’ve linked my favorite jeans down below in the washes and styles I am most likely to wear in fall. In addition to jeans, denim skirts are a fantastic piece to transition with. I love wearing a light sweater tucked in or a tee and light jacket with it. How cute are these styles of denim skirts?

Layering Tops

In summer you can get away with all types of tops: one that are off-the-shoulder, ruffled or detailed to the max. However, in fall I am more aware of tops that can be easily layered. Here in Southern California our fall begins with chilly mornings and ends with a blistering hot day. It’s very normal to start with a cute fall outfit only to strip layers to handle the 90 degree weather. For those occasions, I have linked some of my favorite layering tops for you.

The Casual Dress

As with the layering tops, I also try to find casual dresses that I can add to. These t-shirt like dresses are perfect for if you are still in school or even trying to find something cute to wear while running late. These types of dresses are so comfy and still give you that breathable fit for the remainder of summer.

Flats + Sneakers

When it comes closer to fall, I tend to dress more tailored but will still have my comfy casual days {you know how I am}. I’ve definitely been trading my sandals and heels for flats and sneakers lately, but they’re especially perfect for fall!

Your Everyday Bag

In fall I find myself more drawn to crossbody style bags or larger totes, especially when I was in school. I also tend to use the same bag more often than in the spring and summer time. If you wear the same bag all the time, you want to make sure it’s a good one!


These are my current favorites for transition into fall, I hope you loved them too! Let me know what you like to invest in for the transitioning of seasons!



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