Our Go-To Meals for Augustine

September 26, 2017


my go-to daily meals for augustine's

One of my most requested posts has been to share Augustine’s meals with you all. If you’re not a mama, this post might be a little boring/irrelevant to you, but hopefully it will help any of you out with babies around Augustine’s 1 year age. I’m breaking down our go to Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners, along with snacks. We try to eat pretty healthy and there is still a lot we haven’t introduced Augustine to yet, but these have been our go-to meals for our busy guy!

I try to do as much meal prep as I can at the beginning of the week, but often times it’s just easiest to make Augustine’s meals when I’m making our own. We still steam and puree some foods in the baby food maker, although I bet we’ll be transitioning out of using this over the next month. Augustine absolutely loves pureed eggplant though so this is the easiest way for me to cook it. I’ve really loved the Baby Beaba BabyCook so if you’re looking for a good baby food maker, I have all the best things to say about it. I especially love that you can operate it one-handed (even emptying the steamer basket, dumping the water, and adding the food to the blender). It’s an amazing feature that totally comes in handy when I’m holding Augustine.

Augustine’s favorite breakfast is steel-cut oats with quinoa, chia seeds, banana, and cinnamon. We also have added a little peanut or almond butter, at the suggestion of our doctor. The current recommendation with nuts is to introduce a little bit early on, but I would check with your pediatrician first, just in case!

I got these cute reusable food pouches on Amazon and they seriously come in handy! I’ll make a smoothie for Augustine and add any remaining amount to a pouch that I can keep in the fridge. If I need to be gone around snack time, I can bring it with me! I like to add chia seeds to make the smoothie consistency a little thicker. I haven’t had any issues cleaning these ones, but some readers let me know they love these pouches even more.

I always give Augustine some bite-sized pieces of food too. It’s so cute watching him feed himself. He’ll sometimes just put his whole palm up to his face and mouth. Too cute! If he could have his way, he would only eat pieces of cheese. That’s his favorite food right now! By the way, we have loved this high chair! We can pull it right up to the table and remove the tray portion. Eventually it can transition into a toddler chair too!

Our Go-To Meals for Augustine


Usually we always make a bowl of steel-cut oats for Augustine with banana and peanut butter, like I mentioned above. We’ll try it make it a little healthier by adding other grains to it, like quinoa or farro, sometimes lentils, and usually chia seeds and hemp seeds. Then we’ll add a little bit of yogurt- he’s obsessed with full fat greek yogurt and will even eat it plain. For some extra flavor we’ll add a spice like cinnamon or nutmeg. He also loves greek yogurt on its own with chopped up pieces of stone fruit, like nectarine or a peach. Basically this boy is just all about the greek yogurt!

Another go-to breakfast is an omelet with chopped mushrooms and spinach leaves and some cheese. I’ll usually add mozzarella or Monterey jack. I usually will make a big omelet and cut it in half for the both of us. Then I’ll cut up his pieces a little bit smaller. He always wants what I’m eating so this is perfect! {Note: check with your doctor about the best time to introduce an egg to your baby}

Snack 1 and Snack 2

For the first snack of the day, he’ll eat any leftovers from breakfast, or I’ll give him a smoothie. I’ll usually make smoothies while I’m getting breakfast together, and then keep it in the fridge until later. I rotate between two smoothies for him. One is almond milk, frozen banana, frozen cauliflower, chia seeds, hemp seeds, a little bit of a nut butter, and cinnamon. The other is almond milk, frozen banana, frozen blueberries/cherries, spinach, chia seeds, hemp seeds. He loves them, especially when he’s teething and wanting cold things. I try to make sure to always have at least one veggie in the smoothie. Gotta sneak in the extra nutrients where I can!

I recently started giving Augustine homemade almond milk and he enjoys that too! I’ll add a little bit of cinnamon and sometimes he’ll drink that when I’m having my coffee. Sometimes we’ll even do a cheers. It’s the cutest thing!

Augustine loves stone fruit and sometimes he’ll pick out a pieces from the fruit bowl and just go to town on it. It’s very messy and I have to watch that his bites aren’t too big, but it’s fun to see him feed himself with a whole piece of fruit.

Lunch/ Dinner

Lunch usually includes roasted or steamed veggies. Augustine loves sweet potatoes {usually roasted with paprika), cubed avocado, and pieces of cheese. I try not to give him too much dairy but he absolutely loves it. I’ll also make him a mixture of red lentils/cooked beans with quinoa for some added protein. He likes pureed broccoli but when I give it to him plain he usually spits it out. This make me laugh because I hated broccoli growing up. It was my least favorite vegetable, even as a teenager! Sometimes we’ll make him a fried egg for dinner and I’ll add some spice to it like cumin, paprika, or a mild chili powder. I’ll make sure the yolk is completely cooked and then cut it into small pieces for him. Eggs are a food you need to be careful with because it’s an allergen before 1 year old. When our doctor gave us the go-ahead we tested with the yolk first. Whites are better to introduce after a year. Luckily Augusitne didn’t have an adverse reaction. He actually loves eggs!

Even though we’re transitioning out of purees, I usually have a few on hand in the fridge. Here are some of his favorites:

Go To Purees

Eggplant with Olive Oil and Basil

Zucchini with Olive Oil and Oregano

Carrots/Beets {sometimes will add raspberries to make it a little sweeter}

Apples with Cinnamon/Nutmeg


Augustine’s Grocery Store Must Haves


greek yogurt {full fat, nothing added}

sweet potato






chia seeds

hemp seeds

mozzarella {I find the one that has the least amount of salt}

stone fruit – nectarines or peaches

raw almonds {to make into almond milk}


Our meals for Augustine are pretty whole-food based. We try not to give him anything that’s processed. This is just how Matthew and I eat, though, so it’s been easiest for us. I think every mama needs to do what makes the most sense for her and her family. Eventually I know we’ll introduce other foods {I have friends who love giving their babies cubed pieces of veggie burgers}, but right now this is what has worked best for us. We’re also starting to share more of our meals with Augustine. We’ve been very careful about limiting sodium for him, per his doctor’s recommendation, so as long as the dish doesn’t have too much salt, we’ll give him a taste.

These are some of our go-tos but I would love to hear about yours! Anything you love(d) to give your babies around 1 year old? We’re always looking for new things to try. It can be so easy to get into a routine of feeding them the same things but I know it’s good for their palates to incorporate different foods.


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