Pumpkin Patch, One Year Later

October 23, 2017


a day at the pumpkin patch with the family

Looking through these photos just makes me realize how quickly time goes by! Didn’t we just take these photos from Augustine’s first trip to the pumpkin patch? I remember so vividly walking in with Augustine in the stroller, he was sleeping and could barely fit into that vest I got him. When he woke up, we took him out of the stroller and showed him the pumpkin patch. Augustine was so little and he couldn’t even hold his head up. Matthew and I went because we were so excited to experience the pumpkin patch with him, even if we knew he was a tad too young to enjoy it. It was our first tradition!

All of a sudden it’s 1 year later and that little baby is now a toddler. Not quite walking but on his way! Augustine looked around, pointed at the scarecrows, beat the pumpkins like they were his drums, and even got to check out some of the goats and lambs in the petting zoo. I love this boy more and more each day and I love making memories with him, and building on our traditions.

I love my sweet family and Fall - M Loves M @marmarmy sweet boy at the pumpkin patch my little boy trying to push over the pumpkins a year later at the pumpkin patch a year later with Augustine at the pumpkin patch Augustine's second year at the pumpkin patch - M Loves M @marmar my sweet boy loves waving to everybody - M Loves M Augustine chose his own pumpkin how cute - M Loves M @marmar I love Fall days with my family

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I’m already sad thinking about how I’m going to blink and I’ll be writing this post next year. I really need to savor every moment as best I can- sleepless nights, long days, and all. I’m really excited though because for once we have our Halloween costumes planned and ordered! Usually, Matthew and I procrastinate with our costumes and wait until the very last minute to shop. Luckily we were on it this year and have a really fun idea planned. I’ve been wanting to share with you guys, but you know I love surprises! It’s a good one, though, and I think you’ll get a kick out of it!

Do you have your costume planned? Do you dress up anymore? Would love to know your favorite costume you ever did! I was Buffy for like 4 years in a row, and I also loved when I was a Teen Angel. I was an elementary schooler but I put pink spray paint in my hair and dressed in white with a glittery crown. So much fun! I always loved the costumes where I could do something fun with my hair and makeup!


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