All About Lash Extensions

January 23, 2018


all about lash extensions - a q&a of frequently asked questions - M Loves M @marmar

Today we’re chatting all about lash extensions! I probably get at least 5-10 questions a day about my lashes. I wish I could say they were my natural lashes, or even that I had an incredible mascara secret {although this one is pretty good!}, but the truth is I have lash extensions. I’ve gotten lash extensions once before, right before I had Augustine, and I decided to get them again for the holidays- although I feel like I’m not ready to say goodbye. I thought I’d share some of the frequently asked questions I get about lash extensions in case you’re considering getting them. Also, I’m sharing a before and after, which is really making me question stopping!

All About Lash Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long do they last?

Your eyelash extensions can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks before completely falling out. It has to do with how well you take care of them and the rate that your natural eyelashes fall out. If you want to keep them for a really long time, make sure you are very gentle when washing your face and drying them, and steer clear from using any oil-based products on your eyes!

How often do you get touch ups?

It depends on how they look, but most salons will suggest that you get touchups every 2-3 weeks. However, I know that it’s pretty pricey to keep paying for fills and definitely takes up some time. I try to keep mine looking nice and full for as long as I possibly can! Usually I go every 3-4 weeks.

How long does it take to apply them?

The time that it takes to apply eyelash extensions depends on if you’re getting a full set of lashes or just getting a refill. For a full set, it takes longer, and most salons say it will take between 90 and 120 minutes to apply them. If you’re just going in for a fill it only takes about an hour. It definitely takes up some time, but if you’re really serious about getting them I suggest getting refills every 3 weeks to keep them looking nice!

Do you apply mascara over your lash extensions?

The reason you get lash extensions is basically so that you don’t have to worry about applying mascara every day. Most salons will tell you that you shouldn’t apply mascara, and if you do it has to be a water-based mascara rather than an oil-based mascara or waterproof mascara. This is the same with makeup remover. If you decide to wear eye makeup and mascara, make sure that you are removing it with water-based makeup remover! The oil in a lot of makeup products will make your eyelash extensions fall out more quickly because it reacts with the glue that they use to apply the extensions and dissolves it. Sometimes once I need to go in for a fill I will start to use mascara again just so my lashes can look as good as possible in the meantime.

Do you wear makeup with your lash extensions?

Because I love trying new makeup looks and wearing makeup in general, I still wear makeup with my lash extensions! It’s totally possible to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner when you have lash extensions, you just have to be a bit more careful when applying and taking it off. I personally love that the lash extensions give the appearance of a made-up face, even when you don’t have anything on. For my day-to-day, I won’t apply eyeshadow, but I will for a shoot or event because lash extensions make your eye makeup look way better than usual!

How do they look and feel?

When I got lash extensions before I think I was aware of them for the first day, but then you don’t notice them at all. Right when the lashes are first applied they feel a little heavier than usual, but it’s not as heavy as a strip lash would feel. How your lashes feel also depends on what style you go with. Lately, I’ve been getting the silk lashes and they are so incredibly light! I also ask for them to look more natural, but you can go super glamorous and voluminous looking if you want. Just tell your lash stylist! Most salons are really good at giving you exactly what you want when you get your lash extensions!

What do you ask for when you go?

I brought in a photo of lashes I liked to my stylist the first time. I really didn’t want them to look too fake or too heavy so I knew I needed an example. I got the Volume Silk Lashes in a D curl and she makes them a little longer in the middle. I like that they look more natural this way. So often people think they’re my natural lashes, which I love! I want it to my slightly questionable and not totally obvious!

Where do you go?

I’ve been going to Social Lashes in Costa Mesa. I see Stephanie Gonzales and I loove her. She always does the best job! If you’re local and want to go, you can use this link for $30 off! Or I believe you can give them the code Mara30.

Do lash extensions make your natural eyelashes fall out?

If your lash extensions are applied correctly, your natural lashes shouldn’t fall out. Your eyelashes are like any hair on your body and have a natural life cycle. When they are applied, the lash stylist is supposed to look for your adult (or longest) lashes to apply the fake lash too. This way, your baby lashes will have time to grow naturally! However, I do find that when all of my lash extensions fall out it feels like my natural lashes have fallen out as well. In reality, I’m pretty sure it’s just because I was so used to having super long and full lashes with the extensions! It takes a little getting used to!

BEFORELash Extensions Before Photos AFTERAfter Lash Extensions

You can see photos of my lashes on in this outfit post, and this one too! They’re not that noticeable, right?

The thing I love most about them is that I instantly look so put together. I rarely need to put on makeup because my extensions give the appearance of it. They’re perfect for mom/busy life! Things I don’t like about the extensions is that sleeping on my side/stomach can be tricky, you can’t rub your eyes, and while you totally can wear liquid eyeliner with them, I prefer not to since I don’t want to put anything too close to my lash line. Missing my cat eye these days!

If you’re not wanting to make the commitment, I’ve heard this lash serum is amazing. I’m actually going to try it after I get these off. I’ll need to do what I can to jumpstart a little more growth I’m afraid. If you have any other questions for me that I didn’t cover, please leave them for me below and I’ll definitely get to them! Hope this post was helpful for some of you!


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