Decorating for Easter and Spring

March 29, 2018


Easy Ways to Decorate for Spring and Easter - M Loves M @marmar

Easter is THREE days away! How did that happen? I feel like January was the slowest month, and then February and March have flown right by. For example, one month ago we were halfway through our Kauai trip. Didn’t we just get back?! Ah! But anyway, I really wanted to share some photos of how we decorated for spring. We did just a few minimal things but it’s made me really excited for Easter and spring in general. Do you decorate for each season? Obviously, Christmas is a must, but I was tempted with Valentine’s Day and now spring. The rest of the year our house has more of a summer feel since we love a lot of the beach decor pieces {blues and whites, driftwood, etc}. I really love interiors and home stuff {Matthew will attest!} and I try not to get carried away but I feel like a few seasonal touches are really fun. By the way, if you ever want some inspo, check out my Pinterest boards. I basically have a board for every room! Here’s how we’re decorating for Easter and Spring:

Mara and Augustine - Spring Decor post - Los Angeles and Orange County Mommy Blogger M Loves M @marmar moroccan wedding blanket pillow with faux fur pillow - love this floral rug from Gal Meets Glam easy mantle styling ideas for spring or easter putting together Augustine's Easter Basket -  tips for what to put in a toddler Easter Basket - M Loves M @marmar floral Kate Spade Wendy Sandal heels on Gal Meets Glam Floral rug - M Loves M @marmar cute carved bunnies on coffee table decorating for spring and Easter with M Loves M California Mommy Blogger  Mara and Augustine what to put in a toddler Easter basket - M Loves M @marmar spring tablescape ideas - M Loves M LA and OC lifestyle blogger @marmar simple ways to decorate for spring and the Easter holiday - M Loves M California lifestyle blogger a spring bar cart with fresh lemons the most delicious fruit flavored yogurt pretzels

If any of you like salty sweet things, these pretzels are my latest weakness! I kinda went crazy at World Market because I had a gift card, and I picked these up on a whim but oh my gosh they were so good! I had to stop myself from eating too many in one sitting!

Picking Items for a Toddler Easter Basket

I’m so excited for Augustine’s second Easter! Look how tiny he was last year?! Gosh time flies! Maybe this year he’ll be able to do an Easter Egg hunt?? I got him an Easter basket but since we aren’t giving him candy, I filled it with just a couple fun things I found. There’s Easter Egg chalk, bunny ears, and a cute tweeting chick that we can play hide and seek with. I did not mean to give him his basket yet, but he woke up from his nap right when we were finishing with photos so he had a little peek! I feel like the holidays with little ones are so much fun. I’m not sure how much Augustine will understand but hopefully it will be a fun day with some hunting adventures! I did just get this book, though, that I’m excited to read with him over the years. The illustrations are all so beautiful but I love the messaging and the ways in which it describes what this life, and these holidays, are all about.

Are any of you decorating for Easter or Spring? What are some of your go-tos! Do you add a wreath? We got this wreath and I love how it fits right in. Also loved this one that I saw out when I was shopping.



moroccan pillowfaux fur pillow . pink lumbar pillow . carved bunnies . tiny chicksbar cartbunny bowl {Augustine broke this the day after I got it!} . speckled chicken eggs . wreath . egg plates . table runner . rug .

My Outfit: dress {great fit and quality for under $100!} . shoes . earrings .

Augustine’s Outfit: shirtshortsshoes .

photos by Priscilla Frey

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