2 Helpful Tips I’ve Been Incorporating into my Life Lately

April 13, 2018

a cute and boho feminine outfit idea to wear for spring to a winery or a music festival - M Loves M @marmar

Happy Friday! Did this week go by quickly or was it just me? I feel like every week is a little bit of the same around here {mom life}, but I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Today I’m cleaning like a mad woman around the house because we’re having family from San Diego come up tomorrow. I’m so looking forward to that since Matthew’s sisters haven’t seen our new house yet. It will be so nice to see them and catch up, and I’m also excited to get their input on some decor items and house projects. It’s so fun to chat design with other people that are into it, too, plus sometimes I need a tiebreaker for ideas Matthew and I have been talking about. I know I owe you several home update posts by the way- living room and bedroom are coming up soon!

Today I’m styling this super cute chambray jumpsuit  {on sale in some sizes here} but I’m also chatting about two ideas and concepts I’ve heard recently that have made such a difference for me. I talked about them on Stories earlier in the week but I thought it was worth writing down here, especially if some of you missed it. These are 2 helpful tips I’ve been incorporating into my life lately that have helped give me a much better perspective on life and also more respect for myself. I hope this post gives you a little bit of inspiration on this Friday!

boho feminine outfit inspiration for spring on M Loves M Los Angeles fashion blogger @marmar spring outfit inspiration with a chambray jumpsuit and cardigan a boho feminine outfit for spring on OC fashion blogger M Loves M @marmar

Isn’t this jumpsuit so cute? I love the floral design and how it looks with this long cardigan. This would be such a cute outfit for a spring day, especially if your weather goes from chilly to warm. I love an easy outfit like this. It looks like it took way more outfit than it did!

spring outfit inspiration with a jumpsuit and long cardigan sweater such a cute and unique chambray jumpsuit pretty necklace details - would be a great gift idea for Mother's Day love this casual boho spring outfit - M Loves M @marmar cute way to wear a hat for spring boho feminine style - M Loves M @marmar styling a jumpsuit for spring - M loves M @marmar chambray jumpsuit from splendid with flower design cute spring outfit inspiration that would be so cute for a music festival - M Loves M @marmar


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2 Helpful Tips I’ve Been Incorporating into my Life

  1. Rate decisions 1-10, and don’t let yourself pick 7. This has been such a game changer for me because oftentimes I’ll do things that I don’t really want to do. I’ll say yes to something because I feel pressured and I don’t want to disappoint anyone. By giving that decision a number 1-10, and not allowing myself to pick the neutral 7, I’ve been able to really determine whether or not this is something I want to do or not. I’m such a yes person and I hate to say no and let people down, but when I’m honest with myself and what I’m capable of, I am a heck of a lot happier. I’d challenge any of you to do this too, and also to listen and be true to your heart. Even though it might be a challenge for you, think that maybe by saying no, you’ll say yes to something else that you really care about. I’m learning more and more how important it is to listen to myself, follow my heart and be real and honest. If I have to or want to say no to something, people will understand. The people that care most about us will understand. Oftentimes it’s us that cares more than they do anyways. I also don’t want to do something when my heart isn’t completely in it because I’ll be doing a disservice to myself and others. Another encouragement if you’re feeling like you should say yes but don’t want to. Make room for that person that would pick an 8/9/10!
  2. Don’t overcomplicate things. I know this seems like such a vague and somewhat cliche statement, but I was listening to the GOOP podcast Episode 1 last weekend, and I was so inspired by a story Oprah told Gwyneth. She said that she had a woman on her show years ago whose son had passed away. This mom said that his last words were something along the lines of, “Oh mom. But it was all so simple.” It’s so true. Life is so simple but we oftentimes overcomplicate it and make it harder than it really needs to be. I think this tip also plays into the one above with rating decisions. I really don’t want to spend my time stressing about things that don’t really matter. We have a gift with this amazing and wonderful life, and I don’t want to look back one day wishing I enjoyed it more, was more positive, less stressed, etc. If anything, I want to minimize that stress as best I can. It’s hard sometimes to reprioritize our thoughts and feelings, but I’m always so happy when I do. Life is way more complicated than it needs to be. What are steps that we can take to simplify things? Maybe that means ordering takeout when family comes over so you don’t have to stress in the kitchen, or cleaning out your closet to not be holding onto things you don’t love, or maybe it’s writing to-do lists every night before bed to keep your thoughts together. Maybe you can spend some time brainstorming about how you can make things less stressful and complicated. There must be something right?!

Kind of random things but they’ve really helped me and I hope they help you too! Have you heard any tips recently that you’ve really responded to? I’d love to hear!

I can’t remember if I told you earlier in the week, but we had such a great weekend last weekend. It was really just what I needed. Friday night was all about self-care. I took a bath, put a face mask on, painted my nails, listened to a podcast, and went to bed early. Saturday we had a fun family day at a local strawberry farm. I was able to completely enjoy being out and not think of all the things we “had to do” at home. Matthew and I also had a fun date night {no phones allowed} on Saturday night with sushi and a TV show! Sunday, we went to church and then did chores and ran errands. It was such a good combo weekend with time for me, time for fun with family, and time for the needful – chores & work. I want to have that trio of time built in every weekend because of how valuable it is. I started the week with such a good outlook!

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you Monday!


photos by Vanessa Lentine

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