Is Making the Bed Part of Your Morning Routine?

August 2, 2018

What is your morning routine like? | M Loves M @marmar

I’m not sure if you recall, but recently I shared my morning routine with you. I recently realized I left out one small, but important detail. It’s been part of my routine for so long and feels so automatic that I didn’t even think to mention it! Making the bed is always a part of my morning routine! Keep reading to find out why.

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Is Making the Bed Part of Your Morning Routine?

Making the bed has always been a part of my morning routine. It only takes a minute, but makes me feel so much more organized and put together. I know many people find making the bed a way to feel accomplished first thing in the morning, but I find it makes me feel just a little less frazzled throughout the day. My days can get pretty hectic and it’s always so nice to have my bed made and waiting for me at the end of the day! Do you make your bed in the mornings or do you skip it? I’m so curious to learn about your morning routines so leave a note in the comments!


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photos by Vanessa Lentine