How to Revamp Your Fall Wardrobe with Accessories

October 1, 2018


How to make over your fall wardrobe with accessories. | M Loves M @marmar

By now, you probably have your fall wardrobe in good shape. So many sweaters, coats, and jeans are classic styles, that you don’t need to replace them with trendy versions every fall. Which is why I chose to refresh my fall wardrobe with more accessories this year! There are so many luxe styles that are just perfect for the season. Read on to find out how I revamped my fall wardrobe with accessories, plus all my favorites!

The best new fall accessories. | M Loves M @marmar The cutest Kate Spade Hayes Street shearling handbag! | M Loves M @marmar I love these luxe fall accessories. | M Loves M @marmar These suede heeled boots are too cute! | M Loves M @marmar I love this J.Crew black and white plaid poncho. | M Loves M @marmar This plaid poncho is perfect for fall. | M Loves M @marmar It's time for a fall wardrobe refresh! | M Loves M @marmar

How to Revamp Your Fall Wardrobe with Accessories

There’s a reason fall fashion is so popular—who else loves reading all the September issues? My theory is it’s because of all the great accessories. Think about it, in summer it’s a struggle to wear more than shorts and a tank on hot days. But in the fall, you can have so much fun with accessories. And for you ladies who live in really chilly areas, it’s your last chance to easily accessorize before getting super bundled up against the snow!

Plus the accessories in fall are made of such luxurious materials and colors. Deep jewel tones, suede, rich gold jewelry, shearling…who could ask for more?! Seriously, check out these burgundy, suede boots. AKA my fall dream shoe! As you can tell from the photos, I am decked out in fall accessories! But of course, there are so many more to choose from, so I’ve rounded up a few of my faves below.


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What fall accessories can you not get enough of? You can see some of my favorite fall accessories that I brought to NYC with me! Don’t forget I update my shop pages every week with new styles and there are always some fun accessories there too. These styles are all under $100, but if you’re looking to splurge then these pieces would be a dream!


photos by Felicia Lasala