The 10 Best Email Newsletters to Subscribe To

March 28, 2019


The best email newsletters to subscribe to for women! - M Loves M @marmar

As a busy mom of two {including a newborn!} I don’t get as much time to read and stay up on current events as I would like to. Which is why recently I have been subscribing to tons of great email newsletters for the latest news updates, inspiration, and lifestyle content!

These are super helpful email newsletters! - M Loves M @marmar

The 10 Best Email Newsletters to Subscribe To

Violet Grey

Violet Grey is guaranteed to give you the ultimate, genuine beauty insider secrets for the best products in the industry. All of their products are rated under the brilliant “Violet Code”, where they are tested by legitimate Hollywood experts and editors. This edit contains the most essential products, tips, and inspiration for your cosmetic wardrobe!

The Everygirl 

If you’re looking for a newsletter that covers all your needs in one, The Everygirl is the perfect one stop shop for all things lifestyle related. It brings you guidance and inspiration for all things from fashion and beauty to finance and travel. Joining the newsletter also gets you exclusive articles and job postings, so I would definitely recommend subscribing!

Camille Styles

Camille Styles, the founder and editor in chief of, loves to inspire others by leading a happy and healthy life! Her newsletter is full of engaging storytelling and imagery that influencers her readers to pursue their passions and create the best version of themselves. Her images and design are like eye candy and something you definitely want in your inbox!

The Discoverer 

Feeling a wave of wanderlust? The Discoverer is your ideal weekly travel inspiration read. A visually stunning email is sent out each week with a dreamy location detailing everything you’d want to know about the traveling there. Each newsletter includes info on the best time to go, best places to visit, a personal story about a visit, as well as what to eat, where to stay and some great travel tips!

Working Woman’s Food

As a busy Mama myself, it can’t get more convenient than a newsletter including detailed meal plans, grocery lists, and delicious healthy recipes popping up in my inbox weekly. And what’s even better- all the recipes can be done in under 45 minutes! This as an essential newsletter for all you busy workers or mamas!

Brain Pickings 

A little bit of brain food for the intellectuals! This newsletter covers thought provoking, insightful and addicting articles regarding science, art, design, history, politics and more! A great way to learn new things every week.

Life Goals Mag 

Life Goals Mag provides you with your necessary motivation and inspiration to get through the week. Each newsletter has a note from the editor, an affirmation of the week, a self tip, tools and favorites, as well as a question to ask yourself. In addition, the edit is full of inspiring graphics, and suggestions for self-care ideas and their current motivational youtube channels the writers are loving!

Stella Spoils

A daily newsletter consisting of beautiful images by people the curators follow and recommend! This daily inspiration edit contains clothes, music, books, product, and travel recommendations in a aesthetic, easy on the eye format. These gorgeous photos definitely can help get you out of bed in the morning and start a productive day!


For an honest look at career, money, and life advice, I turn to Girlboss. Sophia Amoruso knows a thing or two about running successful, creative businesses, so I love hearing her entrepreneur tips in the Girlboss newsletter!

New York Times 

Of course, this list could not be complete without the classic, The New York Times. I found the perfect, easy to read edition called The Morning Briefing Newsletter. I don’t really have time to put the news on  every morning, so this briefing gives me the highlights on top news stories around the country and internationally. You also have the option of only being briefed on the news happening in your geographical location! I love starting my day feeling educated and in the know of what is happening in the world!

These are just the best email newsletters that I have found! Can you think of any I just have to subscribe too? Speaking of which, you can sign up for my weekly email newsletter here! I send an edition with exclusive content every Sunday. And once a month all email subscribers are automatically entered to win some fantastic beauty products!


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