Corinna’s 3 Month Update

May 29, 2019


My baby's 3 month update! - M Loves M

To say these past three months have flown by is an understatement. It’s been a blur of nursing sessions, poopy diapers, and a messiness that’s hard but also easy to ignore. At the same time though, it’s been the most joyful three months I could imagine. Adding Corinna to our family has been so wonderful and I feel like it’s made me love Matthew and Augustine even more. I love how happy Augustine is to have a sister, and I love seeing Matthew take on that newborn dad role again. And for me? I’ve loved it more than I thought I would, probably because I know how quickly it goes by. Here’s Corinna’s 3 month update below!

My baby's 3 month update! - M Loves M My baby's 3 month progress! - M Loves M My baby's 3 month update! - M Loves M My baby's 3 month changes! - M Loves M

Corinna’s 3 Month Update


– 13 pounds –


Corinna is such a little doll! She is so peaceful and quiet and is usually very content. She isn’t that fussy unless she wants to be held, and she’s very patient when it comes to mealtimes. We’re not on the best schedule with her yet because it’s harder with Augustine, but I have a feeling she will do really well when she is on one.


Corinna laughed the other day which was such a highlight! Interestingly enough, she laughed when I said the same phrase in the same voice that Matthew said to Augustine when he laughed for the first time. Basically it’s “I love you. No I love YOU!” with an emphasis on the “you.” Just like Augustine, I think she’s going to be early to teethe. Within the past week she has been very drooly and has been chewing on things. I don’t feel any tooth buds yet, although I can see them! Corinna has been incredibly smiley lately too which is really fun and she’s able to track us with her eyes more smoothly. It’s crazy how these little things are milestones but it all changes so much and so fast!


Corinna is a champ at tummy time so let’s say that’s something she likes! She likes to look at the little fox on our Skip Hop activity gym and the little bee rattle. She hasn’t gotten into handheld rattles yet but I think that’s coming! She likes when I play patty cake with her and when I go in and give her big kisses on her neck. She always smiles so big!


She eats pretty consistently every 2 1/2-3 hours. I try to keep it closer to 3 but there are certain days where she’s ready right at the 2 1/2 hour mark. There were some days around the 2nd month that she would actually go closer to 4 hours if she was napping.


Goodness I can’t tell you all how appreciative I am for this girl’s love of sleep! For the past week she’s been waking up once in the middle of the night, sometime around 2-3am, and then in the morning around 6am. A few weeks ago though she was sleeping 8-9 hours though and I was singing I was so happy! I’m not complaining about once in the middle of the night though, because it was way more challenging with Augustine. During the day, Corinna will take shorter naps (about 45 minutes long if we’re at home), but she takes them pretty much every 1.5-2 hours. There are a few things we didn’t do this time with her – no swaddle and no white noise. She’s used to sleeping with Augustine running around and playing too. I tried to give her a pacifier a few weeks after birth but she just spit it out. I occasionally try when it’s hard to settle her for bedtime (the only time it’s more challenging to put her down), but she still isn’t interested.


I’ve loved the woven bassinet from my Mother-in-Law. We used it with Augustine and it’s great to have downstairs so she can take naps in there. Here’s a similar one. We also love the Dock-A-Tot, although I’m worried she’s getting too big for it. Diaper-wise, we’ve been liking Honest and Pampers Pure. She’s still a Size 1 but I think we’re about to upgrade to 2, especially in the Honest ones which seem to run a little small. When we bathe her we use the Puj which fits right into the sink, making it easier on our backs. I’m obsessed with this Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier. While I love my fabric wraps, this one has great support and feels incredibly comfortable! Plus, the color is so so cute!


My abscess is finally all healed which I am so happy about! Here’s some more info in case you missed it. I do have a follow up in a few weeks but the last time I was in the surgeon didn’t need to drain it and said I could finish up my antibiotics. That was such a tough situation that really made the first few months challenging for us. Now, though, I feel like we’re in a great little routine and I’m so happy to not need to go to the doctor twice a week!

Even though it’s been an adjustment, and I am tired, I’ve never been so happy. I just love Augustine and Corinna so much and I can’t wait for all we have ahead. Actually, I should say I can wait. I’m really trying to soak it all up right now. It went by so quickly with Augustine… too quickly! I’m going to try my best to savor it all.

If you read my post last week on our current schedule, you know Matthew has been on paternity leave & vacation. It’s been the best blessing to have him home with us, especially as we’ve been adjusting from having one kid to two. Augustine is definitely in a very busy 2 1/2-year-old stage {maybe I should do a post on that??}, so I’ve really needed extra hands. Matthew is back at work next week, and going on a work trip, so I’m a little nervous about holding down the fort without him. Luckily, I think I’ll have some help from the Grandmas which will be so appreciated!

Besides being nervous about Matthew going out of town, I’m also nervous about what our day to day will look like when he’s back at work. It’s hard to match up nap times right now but, if I can, that would be so ideal so that I can get a little break during the day. It’s probably a good thing Corinna is such a good sleeper because I’ll have to get back to doing my work at nighttime again. Mom by day, blogger by night. In my little spare time, I’ve really been trying to make workouts a priority. I gained a lot during pregnancy and still have about 15 pounds to lose until I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I don’t really care about numbers too much but I’d love to fit into my clothes from last summer if I can! Also, with everything going on it’s nice to get a workout in to help recenter me a bit.  I’ve been doing barre workouts at home and also “running” on the elliptical. Running on the elliptical? Going on the elliptical? Whatever you call it!



Thanks so much for reading! Here’s what our schedule has been like lately, and also Corinna’s birth story! I’m excited because next week I’ll be sharing her nursery tour! You got a little sneak peek in this post though 😉


photos by Vanessa Lentine