All the Pearl Accessories for Summer Please!

June 21, 2019

My favorite pearl hair clips! - M Loves M

I love pearls. Always have always will. They’re feminine and classic and they go with EVERYTHING! I love that lately there have been so many fun accessories that incorporate classic pearls into newer, more modern styles. While I tend to be a little cautious about popular trends, I think the new pearl trend has been done so well and it just feels fresh. I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you all, including the under $10 set you can’t beat!

Love these pearl accessories for hair! - M Loves M Pretty pearl accessories for hair! - M Loves M


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All the Pearl Accessories for Summer Please!

Why do I love this trend so much right now? Well for starters, I need some easy hairstyles while taking care of my newborn and a pretty pearl clip definitely does the trick! Finding a way to pull my hair off my face {and away from baby death grips!} has been a style lifesaver these past few months! The clips I’m wearing in these photos were super affordable too. This pack of eight different styles was only $7 on Amazon and came with free shipping for Prime members!

I feel like this trend is so romantic and beachy. So many of the pearl accessories I’m seeing right now are baroque or freshwater style so they are a little less smooth and more relaxed looking. Especially when paired with shells! The shell jewelry trend is so popular right now and pairs perfectly with pearls. This combo reminds me of mermaids for some reason lol! This necklace from Nordstrom is so pretty and only $28. And H&M has some really pretty shell and pearl earrings for $12! One of the reasons I love this trend so much is because you can splurge on real pearls like this pair of gorgeous earrings for $88. Or you can pick up costume jewelry for very little money like this fun set of 6 pairs of earrings for only $15. I even found some pearl purses and pearl shoes for fair prices! Of course you could always go for a classic set of pearls! I like that this set comes with matching earrings. Classic pearls make for a great graduation or birthday gift!


Pearls used to get such a bad wrap for being old-fashioned, but I think the styles out right now are so cool! What do you think? I think pearls would pair especially well with one of my other favorite summer trends. The puff sleeved top!


photos by Vanessa Lentine