Summer Clothes for the Kiddos

June 17, 2019


My favorite summer clothes for kiddos! - M Loves M

It’s always so fun to update your wardrobe each season! But once you become a parent, you spend more time {and money lol} updating your children’s closets! Sometimes I enjoy shopping for them more than for myself. Little clothes are just too cute! I can’t believe it’s already mid-June and officially time to pick up some new summer clothes for the kiddos!

My favorite summer clothes for kids! - M Loves M My favorite summer clothes for toddlers! - M Loves M My favorite summer clothes for babies! - M Loves M The cutest summer baby clothes! - M Loves M The cutest summer toddler clothes! - M Loves M


my dress . Augustine’s shirt . Augustine’s shorts {similar} . Augustine’s shoes {Livie & Luca} . Corinna’s dress .

Summer Clothes for the Kiddos

The other day I was going through both Augustine and Corinna’s drawers, removing clothes that were too small or too worn. It’s crazy that Corinna is already moving out of her 0-3 month clothing and on to 3-6. And Augustine is practically in 4T and he’s not even 3 years old yet! Grow, babies, grow! I have so many cute clothes for both Augustine and Corinna that I’ve been so excited for them to wear once the weather warms up a bit. There are some cute dresses and sun hats for Corinna, and I found some perfect polos and comfy shorts for Augustine. During the summertime, I look for clothes that are lightweight, while still having good quality. I also think that comfortability is crucial, especially because of how active they both are. Corinna may not be crawling but she is a busy little girl. I hate to think of either child being uncomfortable and not able to express it. When it comes to colors, I definitely favor whites and blues during the summer months. It’s just such a classic combo. And of course, pretty florals are always nice for Corinna. Sometimes I feel like I have too much fun shopping for these two cuties! Just last week I got Corinna these headbands, and Augustine these sandals! Here are some other favorites:

Girl Summer Favorites

Boy Summer Favorites

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Did you know that I update my shopping pages every week with baby and toddler styles that I’m currently loving?? You can see my latest picks here!


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