The Helpful Apps I Use Daily

October 1, 2019


We’re all busy. There’s no way around that. I’ve tried to admit defeat in that department and come to terms with the fact that things are going to be a little hectic around here while we’re raising two little ones, working, and managing a home! Luckily, my phone can help keep me in check. Hey, I guess they aren’t all bad! I’ve found some really helpful apps that I use on the daily to stay organized, be productive, and of course have a little fun! Thought I’d share in case any of you are looking for some new ones to download!

My go-to productivity and organization tips! - M Loves M @marmar

The Helpful Apps I Use Daily

Glow Baby

I use this app to track Corinna’s milestones and day to day routines. I love how this app helps me stay on track with her breastfeeding and nap schedule, as well as other milestones like being able to sit up and roll over! I used this app with Augustine too and what’s fun is that I can actually scroll back and see what his sleep was like at her age! Hint: it wasn’t good!


I LOVE this app and use it on my phone and my computer. It really helps me stay organized because I can access my to-do lists from any device. It’s designed to help manage various tasks, be more intentional with an extensive to-do list, and even allows any user to share and collaborate on lists. Matthew and I do this all the time so we don’t accidentally buy the same groceries or do the same chores! It’s also nice because I’ll get notifications on my computer when he picks up things at the store. Usually I go right into the app to add anything else I might want…like cookies!


Matthew and I love the Miku baby monitor. It gives us such peace of mind when it comes to making sure Corinna is safe and sound asleep. I love that it tracks her sleeping and breathing patterns as well, without having to wear a sock or any device! There’s movement and sound detection, room temperature and humidity, two-way talk, and photo and video capture. It’s especially helpful for keeping an eye on Corinna when she is asleep in her nursery and I’m downstairs playing with Augustine. My favorite thing though is that I can actually go in and see what movement happened at 2am. Was she awake? Did she just roll over? I love that I can still have eyes on her! 

I am so obsessed with this app! I use it everyday to find products I see online and get outfit inspiration. Plus, I always upload my outfits to my account if you ever want to know where I bought something!


I use this app all the time to sell clothes and seek out some new pieces, especially designer splurges I don’t want to pay full price for! It’s an easy and great way to make some extra cash, while organizing and clearing out your closet. I shared a bit more about how I use Poshmark here!


I love the NBC app, primarily because I can watch “Days of Our Lives” while I’m working out. Not going to lie, that’s one reason I’ve been working out more lately! It’s all about multi-tasking right?

Tone It Up

I love this app because it gives great exercises that you can easily do at home! I use it when I need to refresh my workout routine or squeeze in a quick workout session! Their Daily Moves are really easy to do anywhere. By the way, the Tone It Up 31 Day Fall Challenge starts TODAY and I’m so excited to be doing it! I definitely feel like I need a healthy reset before going into the holiday season.


This app allows me to track and build daily habits that I want to implement into my everyday life. I use it daily because it’s so easy and fun to track your progress. Lately, I’ve been focused on habits relating to wellness like working out and drinking more water. But you can use it for any type of habit you want to form! (or maybe you want to get rid of?) Any habits that you’re currently working on?

By the way, I’ve heard such great things about Swarm, Citymapper, Dark Sky, and Soon so I might start using those! I also love the Airbnb for planning affordable trips and of course Venmo, but I don’t use those every day.

Obviously I want to know what your favorite helpful apps are too! Share your faves in the comments please!


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