Gift Guide: For The Boys

November 26, 2019


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Gift Guide: For The Boys

Hi friends,

Matthew here. It’s that time of year again when my sweet wife asks me to create a gift guide for the special men folk of your lives. So here we go!

Chup Socks are artisan creations. They are what Stance socks dream of being. I don’t know if it’s depressing that socks have become a form of “treating” myself, but it is what it is. I’d buy more of these if they were more budget-friendly, but that’s exactly why they are a great gift. I say treat yo feet.

REI Duffel is a solidly built and respectable pack for weekend trips or week-long trips. It’s the biggest size you can get away with as a carry on. I like duffels for work travel and car camping alike. Just feels better than a roller.

Leatherman multi-tool: I include one in every single gift guide that pours out of my soul. Great to have in your daily driver or great just to have. Your guy will be so handy and he’ll finally complete the 942 things you have on your honey-do-list. Bahahahaha keep dreaming sister.

Esee Knives are heavy hitters in the bushcraft and adventure community. Built to outlast… you. I would literally give these as gifts to my best friends if I could justify spending that much money on them.

Traveler jeans – these are super comfortable and have a bit o stretch to them. I recommend buying a size bigger both in waist and length so he won’t have to stress if they shrink or, more likely if he continues to work on his “winter bod”, like old Mateo does.

Yeti coolers work really freaking well and these armored coffee transporters do too. I love the flat dark earth color.

Rugby sweaters are funny bc they are just a sweatshirt with a couple rings on the bicep part of the sleeves and sometimes a stripe. And yet, I will buy them. Mystery of life I guess.

Ugg slippers. You’re probably already aware of my love of Uggalugs (as we call them here at home) if you’ve seen my previous gift guides. Mara finally got smart and doubled down for me. I now have a sweet pair of slippers to warm my dawgs in the morning in addition to my booties. Oh hey girrrrl!

North Face gloves: These are cool. NF makes good stuff. Warm hands, cold hearts. Just kidding. Warm hearts, warm farts.

Camp pillow. Again, sleeping on the ground can be sucky. Camp pillows can help. Help me, help you, help him. Legit brand here. I have one of their Gucci sleeping pads and they are the truth.

White kicks. Basic but that’s the point sometimes. You can’t always be rocking your leopard print underwear while wearing leopard print shoes.

Banaynay Cardigan. I bought one last year for family Christmas photos and love it! They are high quality and pretty warm. Also an easy way to hide a somewhat wrinkled dress shirt. Just keep it buttoned up, fella!

These Vuori shorts are awesome. Not cheap, but awesome. My best friend got me a pair for my birthday this year and I’m already wanting another pair.

Cast iron dutch oven thingy. This is definitely on my wishlist this year. A few weekends ago when we were camping in the desert, my buddy Garrett made an incredible braised stew using one of these. Nuzzled in next to the campfire with some embers on top of the lid turned that pot into a soup-that-sop hot pot to feed a lot.

Be well, be merry, and always enjoy your life. It’s the only one you got.


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Literally laughing out loud reading Matthew’s post! That guy definitely keeps us entertained around here. If you’re looking for more gift ideas, you can check out my recent gift guides here!