That Time I Forced Matthew to Start a Skincare Routine

November 7, 2019


A review of the Olay retinol product! - M Loves M @marmar

One of the things I am ALWAYS on Matthew’s case about is his skin. Sorry babe! He is just SO lazy about taking care of his skin and I think I bring it up to him once a week. He always gives me some excuse or another about how he’s too busy, nothing really works, etc. Well, I recently got some products from Olay that I was VERY excited about! They are a part of the Retinol24 collection which, if you don’t know about retinol, it’s like a must-have in your skincare routine. Retinol is a potent but effective ingredient that’s aimed at softening fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing skin, brightening things up and helping to minimize dark spots and large pores. Some people have issues with it being too expensive or irritating. In the past I’ve loved using retinol products, especially since I have acne-prone skin, but they can often be a little harsh. Still worth it though, in my opinion! When I got Olay’s new package I was so excited to check it out because it’s not supposed to irritate your skin at all. This mama bear is still nursing so retinol is not recommended. But I was able to convince Matthew to be my guinea pig. Let’s just say if I can convince my husband, I bet you can too! The only issue is that he might use it all up before I can try it! Here are Matthew’s thoughts about the line:

Hey y’all! Matthew here. So, I love my wife, but if she has to talk to me one more time about washing my face, applying a million and one products, I might lose it. #truth. She did make me a little wager that I couldn’t resist and here I am using her Olay Retinol24. I was skeptical at first, but I started off using the retinol moisturizer cream, the retinol serum, and the retinol eye cream. I’ll admit I wasn’t consistently using all three but the one that I really did like was the moisturizer. Applying the moisturizer just felt like a natural first step and I could remember it a little more easily. Sorry, serum and eye cream -baby steps! I did have a few questions before starting to use these products that maybe you (or your dudes) would wonder about too:

A review of the Olay retinol product! - M Loves M @marmar A review of the Olay Regenerist retinol product! - M Loves M @marmar Regenerist cream before and after! - M Loves M @marmar An easy anti aging routine! - M Loves M @marmar An easy anti aging routine! - M Loves M @marmar An easy anti aging routine! - M Loves M @marmarThat Time I Forced Matthew to Start a Skincare

The Things I Wanted to Know about Retinol

1.What the heck is retinol and what does retinol do for skin? Mara said that retinol is a magic ingredient that gives smoother and brighter skin, working faster than other ingredients. She said that some of her girlfriends use less makeup after retinol because it makes your skin look so good. I don’t wear makeup. But that’s a minor detail in my journey to appease my wife and improve my crusty, salty skin situation.

2.When do I use it? Olay’s Retinol24 collection is easy to add in, she said. Serum is after cleansing but before moisturizing. Moisturizer is swapped with your regular moisturizer and eye cream is after moisturizer. This is all new to me and I’m already confused. But I’m open.

3. Are there any side effects? Nope. The majority of people didn’t experience any irritation with Retinol24 (my experience too). Although I was irritated she didn’t force me to try these fancy products sooner. I’m feeling good! Right off the bat, I appreciated that it was fragrance free. Felt more natural to me to use a product that wasn’t overwhelming of roses or peaches or something. It wasn’t greasy, which is a must too because I do not want my face to look weirdly glossy. Yes, I want it to look good and healthy, but not soaked and glistening. After a few days I did notice that my skin looked a lot healthier. I went from looking like a salty fisherman to a normal 30 something father of 19 children, who doesn’t ever get any sleep. And that is a huge improvement! Using the moisturizer was really easy to add to my routine, so I think I’ll continue. I gotta get some points from the wifey and I’m actually looking healthier.  If any of you are interested in trying it, I’m sure Mara will give her thoughts next year. Get crazy and get a moisturizer for your husband. Add the serum and eye cream if you’re feeling loco. Get the man what he doesn’t know he needs for gosh sake!  Take care, friends.

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photos by Priscilla Frey