What’s Ahead for 2020

January 6, 2020


A glam winter outfit with a leopard print skirt and faux fur coat! - M Loves M @marmar

Hello Hello and happy 2020!! I took a bit of a blog break over the holidays and let me just say, it was very needed! I felt like I was able to relax with Matthew and the kids, be productive around the house, and also brainstorm and plan for the new year. There’s something so rejuvenating about a fresh start in January and I feel like I’m writing this post with a lot of excitement over what’s to come this year. Sharing a little bit about what I have planned, along with some goals I have for the new year!

A glam winter outfit with a leopard print skirt and faux fur coat! - M Loves M @marmar A glam winter outfit with a leopard print skirt and faux fur coat! - M Loves M @marmar A glam winter outfit with a leopard print skirt and faux fur coat! - M Loves M @marmar A glam winter outfit with a leopard print skirt and faux fur coat! - M Loves M @marmar A glam winter outfit with a leopard print skirt and faux fur coat! - M Loves M @marmar A glam winter outfit with a leopard print skirt and faux fur coat! - M Loves M @marmar A glam winter outfit with a leopard print skirt and faux fur coat! - M Loves M @marmar


coat {expensive but so well made and VERY thick and heavy. perfect for colder weather!} . turtleneck: {ideal for layering!} . skirt . {love the white leopard option too}. heels {got these heels and love how they look with jeans too!} . headband {similar} .

What’s Ahead for 2020

2019 felt like a very wonderful and special year with the birth of Corinna and settling into our new family dynamic. It was a year where I didn’t set many goals for myself; I just wanted to be able to soak it all in: the slowness, the messiness, and the newness of life with 2 kids. Even though my year might not have seemed very exciting, it was poignant for me in that I was able to embrace my current season of motherhood. I feel like I’ve been so used to this nonstop go go go of work, and while that’s great, I really don’t want to miss out on the time I have with my kids while they’re young. I focused a great deal on family last year, and while they will always be my #1, I am excited to work towards some other goals of mine in 2020. Here are some of them:


Without even realizing it, I started to focus a lot on health last year. I didn’t share too much about it on Instagram, but fitness actually became a regular part of my routine. In April, I started to work out almost daily, just by going on the elliptical for 30 minutes during naptime. I started to crave that time just for myself in the middle of the day while the kids were sleeping. It became my time for me, and it was a much-needed chance to decompress. Anyone will tell you that life with littles is a little hectic but by working out, I felt like I was able to reset for the afternoon and it gave me so much more patience and peace. This year I want to continue focusing on health by working out and maybe even add in more strength training to see some physical results.

My best tip for anyone wanting to start working out regularly is to find 15-30 minutes and do whatever you can. Maybe it’s a YouTube video (there are lots!), or one of the apps (I personally love Tone It Up- it’s a free app and they have Daily Toning Moves that are awesome!), or maybe you can join a class (ideally with a friend who will keep you accountable). But find that time, and then add it to your calendar/schedule and do it. I feel like when it’s on my calendar I’m much more likely to make it happen. Once you start to do it regularly I swear it will become something your body absolutely craves. At least that’s how it has been with me. I can be exhausted when I put the kids down for naptime but then I’ll run as fast as I can to get my workout clothes on and get moving. On the days where I don’t fit a workout in, I do feel like something is missing. But even if you just start with daily walks (maybe even with your kids), that’s something! One day at a time and you’ll be amazed!


I feel like this is a goal of mine every year but I really do crave a more minimal life. I could never be a typical “minimalist” but I do really enjoy paring down what I own to just the things I use and love. We cleaned up a lot after the holidays and it was so refreshing seeing our place with less stuff. It’s crazy how much we can accumulate and personally, all the stuff stresses me out. I feel so much more inspired when there aren’t papers everywhere, drawers aren’t overflowing, and I know where everything is. I’m going to continue working on that this year and take quarterly inventory. Also, Matthew and I are challenging ourselves not to keep too much in our pantry. Sometimes we’ll see an item on sale at the grocery store and buy it just to have it, but chances are it sits around longer than we’d like. Unless the item is something we know we eat weekly, we’re going to pass on those deals until we have a meal planned.


I keep going back to this idea of being present rather than being perfect. I feel like it’s something I can apply to many areas of my life. In my personal life, I feel like I need to show up and not worry about being the “perfect” mother, wife, friend. Sometimes I think I need to do more, but instead, I should be more accepting of what I am able to do. For example, some days the dinner won’t be homemade, the dishes won’t be washed, and the laundry won’t be folded. I’ll have to remind myself that that is ok. I can’t do it all, and I don’t think anyone expects me to. Instead, I’ll focus on loving my little kiddos and being the best mama that I can be, in whatever way that is.

Professionally, being present means I’ll try not to be so worried about what people think of me. When you put parts of your life online, it’s hard to not feel like you’re being judged. There are days {most days!} where I don’t do my hair or makeup and I think that I’ll be judged but a part of being real is showing up despite those things.


I feel so incredibly lucky to have a job that I love. It’s fun and creative, and even though it does get stressful sometimes, it’s been the biggest blessing. I’m so thankful that I have the opportunity to work from home and spend as much time as I do with Augustine and Corinna. While I love being a mom, I also love what I do and want to make time to go after my own goals. I hope that this year I can find a better balance between motherhood and work, a balance that doesn’t make me feel too guilty!


I want to do a better job of assessing my goals each month to make sure I’m staying on track. I feel like this will help me be more accountable and follow through. Also, I might decide that I have other things I want to work on, and I want to feel free to include those as well.



I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are just as excited as I am about 2020! I would love to know any of your goals so I can cheer you on as well!


photos by Priscilla Frey