My Favorite Mom Workouts For Busy Days

February 21, 2020

An easy busy day fitness routine! - M Loves M @marmar

Now that I have two kids under the ages of four, I need to get creative about my fitness routine. I’m sharing my favorite mom workouts for busy days! I talked a little bit about my postpartum fitness journey in this blog post and on Instagram and got quite a few requests to share my favorite mom workouts. Keep reading for my favorite easy, quick, and FREE workouts!

These are my favorite mom workouts! - M Loves M @marmar These are my favorite mom workouts! - M Loves M @marmar

My Favorite Mom Workouts For Busy Days


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MOM Fit 20 Minute Full Body Workout – WhatsUpMoms

A full body at home workout in only 20 minutes?! It doesn’t get much better than that! Get your workout in quickly and easily with this sweat-guaranteed routine!

Exercises For Lower Abs “Mommy Pouch” Postnatal All Levels – BabyWeightTV

Those lower abs can be the trickiest place to tone, especially after carrying a little one in there for nine months! Hit those lower abs with this 10 minute postnatal workout geared to eliminate the “mommy pouch”!

30 Minute No Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout – POPSUGAR Fitness

Barre has become such a popular and great workout! This video shows you a no equipment required, 30 minute barre workout you can do from the comfort of your own home! Sculpt and sweat with this workout that celebrities like Jennifer Anniston love!

15 Minute Fat Burner: Lean Leg & Core Pilates at Home – Sarahs Day

This 15 minute pilates workout focuses on building lean legs and a strong core, and all you need is a mat! This quick workout burns fat and is so easy to fit into a busy schedule.

25 Minute Prenatal Bodyweight Workout – Niki Sky

This prenatal workout has exercises safe for whichever trimester you’re in! It’s 25 minutes and body weight only, so there is no risk of harm to you or the baby!

The Best 15-Minute Beginner Workout – POPSUGAR Fitness

This 15 minute workout from Popsugar is great for beginners, gives you a full body sweat, and all you need is a sturdy chair! It’s perfect for moms looking to squeeze in a quick workout from home.

30 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout with Warm Up – SELF

Looking to get that heart rate pumping? Then this 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval) cardio workout is perfect for you! HIIT workouts are amazing because they burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, keep your metabolism high for hours after you do it, and you can always do them with no equipment at home!

10 Minute No Jumping Cardio Fat Burn – MadFit

It’s cardio time! Get a quick cardio session in with this 10 minute, fat burning workout. What’s great about this workout is that there’s no jumping involved, making it low impact and easy to do at home.

Quick Full Body at Home Workout – Whitney Simmons

This is another great full body workout with no equipment required! What’s great about this video is she narrates and describes each exercise so well, so you know exactly how to do them and can perfect your form!

Quick Naptime Postnatal Workout for Busy Moms – Tone It Up

This workout by tone it up is called the “Postnatal Naptime Workout”, which is geared towards new moms who just put their babies down for a nap! This workout features a couple cardio moves that get your heart rate up quick, before your little one wakes up!

25 Minute Pilates Workout To Tone Your Abs, Butt, and Arms – POPSUGAR

This workout is great for when you want to get a quick workout in but don’t want to deal with getting sweaty. This 25 minute pilates workout targets your entire body, but doesn’t make you sweat too much, leaving you ready to carry on with the rest of your day!


If you’re looking to really commit to an at home workout, I’ve received so many reader recommendations for the subscription-based models of the Tracy Anderson and Ballet Beautiful!


photos by Vanessa Lentine