My All-Time Favorite Red Wines

February 12, 2020


These are my favorite red wines! - M Loves M @marmar

I have to admit, I love wine. When I was pregnant, I picked up this book about wine because I thought I would enjoy learning about it since I couldn’t drink it at the time. But of course that made it harder lol! While my research hasn’t made me a wine expert yet, I still have some strong opinions about it. I thought I would start sharing my favorite wines with you {I love getting recommendations for new bottles to try!} and first up are my all-time favorite red wines!

A casual wine night at home! - M Loves M @marmar These are my favorite red wines! - M Loves M @marmar A casual wine night at home! - M Loves M @marmar

My All-Time Favorite Red Wines



Justin Cab Sauv– A great medium bodied wine, slightly dry but has a fruity finish! Perfect for dinner parties!

Pangloss Pinot Noir– This wine was a gift from one of Matthew’s friends and coworkers for after we had Corinna. He knew we were missing our wine! The winery is located in Sonoma so if you’re up in Northern California you have to stop by and visit. This wine is one I’ve really loved!

La Ferme Julien– This is a great affordable red wine! I also love this brand’s rose and it’s a staple in our house come summertime!

Banshee Pinot Noir– Probably my favorite Pinot Noir! It’s not too sweet and not too dry – it has a slight tartness but still smooth. 

Red Blend Portugal– This has been one of our favorite Costco finds! It’s the perfect everyday wine, and would be a great gift too! The price is amazing for the quality too!  Highly recommend! 


Of course, please leave your red, white, or rose recommendations in the comments! I’d love to know any of your go-tos!

P.S. These are the wine glasses that we have and LOVE! 


photos by Karli Moceri