How to Winterize Your Outdoor Living Space

February 6, 2020


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How to Winterize Your Outdoor Living Space

Who is ready for spring? All of you?? I had a feeling! For just one day last week we had perfect 80 degree weather {seriously, it happened!}, but overnight the temperatures went back to freezing! Matthew and I had planned to have dinner in our outdoor living space {for us, that’s the backyard} but then it got so cold that we had to stay indoors. I’ve been thinking about finding a few ways to winterize our outdoor living space for a while and this week’s weather mix up was exactly the inspiration I needed!

I want my family and friends to feel like our outdoor living space is comfortable and inviting even when it is a little colder out! There are a few cozy essentials that make the outdoors much more pleasant in the fall and winter, or for any chilly evening! Having comfortable seating, like an outdoor couch, is the first thing to look for when making your backyard more winter friendly. Soft cushions seem much better for colder days than metal or wood seating which can feels so hard and cold. I think that a seating option with cushions that the family can snuggle up on is ideal! 

To make your seating even cozier, add in some outdoor pillows and blankets to help you stay warm. Make sure you grab a chic basket to stash them in so they stay clean! Of course, to really amp up the warmth factor, a fire pit is not only nice aesthetically but it is super functional year around. When the nights cool off it’s so lovely to sit around the fire with company, plus who doesn’t love making s’mores?!! If you choose a wood burning fire pit it is nice to have firewood convenient with a nice log holder. String lights are another key essential that really make outdoor spaces look so warm and inviting, especially when entertaining, since they add such nice ambiance!


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