5 Ways to Use Social Distancing Time More Productively

April 8, 2020


Here are my tips for being more productive during social distancing! - M Loves M @marmar

Hi Friends! I hope everyone’s hanging in there! I know a lot of us may be getting stir crazy and starting to feel sluggish and a little bit stuck, so I made a list of five ways to be more productive while social distancing. I know it may seem hard to be productive while stuck at home, but there are so many things we can do with our extra free time {if we’re lucky enough to have it!} that passes the time and feels good. Keep reading to see them!

Here's what to do while we stay at home! - M Loves M @marmar

5 Ways To Use Social Distancing Time More Productively

With all this time spent at home, I really want to keep myself busy. I find that staying productive and working on a few projects or ideas has helped keep me a bit more calm. Instead of stressing about things I can’t control, I’m able to find a little bit of a distraction that can work for my benefit.

Complete a Project

This has been really big for me! There are so many projects that have been in my cue of things to do and now is the chance to work on them. With all this time spent at home now, there are no excuses to put off those daunting tasks. I like to prioritize projects too, making a list of things I would like to work on and devoting time each day to complete them. These projects can be things like going through your closet, finally getting around to painting, making a photo album, organizing the kitchen pantry, or even getting the yard ready for summer! I think starting a garden would be such a fun project that you and your family could work on! It’s been something that Augustine has loved helping us with!

Learn Something New

Has there been something you have always wanted to try? Maybe trying out a new recipe {check out my recent post of healthy comfort food recipes} or taking up yoga! It is really important to take time for yourself during all of this, even if it is just 30 minutes a day to collect your thoughts. Here are a few ideas I have come up with, though: start learning a new language {you can find so many free resources online}, try calligraphy, bake something new, or learn to knit/crochet. This can be literally anything you have ever thought about trying! And the good news is there are probably lots of videos on YouTube to check out!

Create Better Habits

Have you guys noticed how much you are cutting back on eating out? We have been cooking almost all of our meals and honestly it’s such a good way to start cutting back on going out and spending a lot of money on food. Although, we have been trying to support our local favorite restaurants a few times a week because I know how hard this has been for them.* I also have been getting to bed so much earlier, it really makes such a big difference in how I feel the next day! I think these times can really help us to start new healthy habits and drop habits that we have been wanting to get rid of. This time really allows us to reflect on the things we have been wanting to change and now complete them. Going to bed earlier, making time for an at-home workout, cutting back on eating out, and not shopping as frequently are all great new habits to start, and there are so many more! * Also, if you don’t feel comfortable ordering to-go, maybe order a gift card from them. I’m sure it would be so appreciated!

Connect Intentionally

This is so important for my family. During this time I have really been aware of just how truly blessed I am. I am s0 grateful to have such a kind and loving husband and partner in life. Matthew is the best dad to our kids and we have all LOVED having him around since he’s working from home.  I heard a quote once that said that we do not realize what we have until it’s gone, and I couldn’t agree more. We have been really missing our family and friends and have been taking advantage of Facetiming a lot! It can be so simple to send a text to check in with people these days, but I have been really into handwriting letters. I think handwritten mail is so much more personal and shows just how much you care about that person. Plus it’s a nice surprise for them to look forward to!

Learn how to Disconnect

This is a tough one, we’ve gotten so used to checking the news on a regular basis that it has become a habit for most of us! Sometimes I love to just put my phone away, close down my laptop, and just really disconnect from it all. The news and social media can be so overwhelming sometimes, I think it’s healthy to take a break and focus on what is right in front of you and what you are in control of. Disconnecting definitely ties back into my point about creating new habits. Turning your phone off an hour before bed and leaving it off until later in the morning is a great habit to form, and one of the best ways to disconnect. I really want to soak up all this quality time with my family!

How is everyone doing? What are you guys doing to stay productive?


photos by Priscilla Frey

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