Instant Mood Boosters for Challenging Days

May 4, 2020


Here are some tips for an instant mood booster when you're having challenging days! - M Loves M @marmar

Hi Friends! How are you all doing? Things are still crazy, that’s for sure. A lot of time has passed since the stay at home orders were put in place {you can check out my April recap to see what we’ve been up to here!} and I know we’re all feeling anxious and worried to some degree. That’s why I thought I’d share some of my instant mood boosters for when I’m feeling anxious, down, or just plain blah. I hope these tips help you guys because they really have been helping me when I have those more challenging days. Keep reading to see!

Here are some tips to help your mental wellness during quarantine! - M Loves M @marmarHere are some tips for an instant mood booster when you're having challenging days! - M Loves M @marmarTaking care of your mental health is so important! - M Loves M @marmarHere are some tips for an instant mood booster when you're having challenging days! - M Loves M @marmar

Instant Mood Boosters for Challenging Days

These days it’s hard to control what we’re feeling! There are so many emotions going on it can feel overwhelming, and some days are definitely more challenging than others. Luckily there are simple things we can do for a little pick me up when those hard days hit. FYI, you probably noticed these photos are a TOTAL throwback, helloooo long hair! I can’t wait to wear a pretty dress again on outings with the family. Anyways, here are my mood boosters for challenging days!

If You’re Feeling Blah

One of my favorite things to do during this time has been journaling. Journaling how you’re feeling and putting all your worries and concerns onto paper really helps you let it out and come to terms with your emotions. I also like to write about all the things I’m so grateful for. There are so many things that are still making me happy in times like this, and I don’t want to lose sight of them. It really helps to write about both the positive and negative, because you’ll let those worries out and shift your focus towards the good things!

Reading a book is also a great way to get out of your own head and ease your thoughts. Set up a cozy space to read, maybe with some candles and blankets! Getting cozy with a good book and some yummy smelling candles is one of my favorite ways to relax.

If you’re missing your friends and family, FaceTime someone who makes you feel good! There’s nothing better than seeing a friendly and familiar face when you’re feeling a little blah. During these times at home, I’ve realized how valuable face to face human interaction is. Since we can’t see our loved ones in person right now, a screen will have to do!

If You’re Feeling Anxious

Get outside – distract yourself in the yard, start a garden, or go for a long walk. Fresh air really helps clear and calm your mind, and it feels so good to get out of the house. Remember that sunlight and fresh air are incredibly valuable and we need them, even in times like this!

One of the best ways to ease anxiety is also through exercise! Try an online workout class, maybe even a dance class. Both are fun ways to get your body moving.

As you guys know, I’ve been all about baking recently, and it’s definitely been helping me when I feel anxious. Maybe try a new recipe that looks challenging. Focusing on a recipe can be a great distraction, plus you can enjoy some yummy food afterward!

Prayer- Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I take time to pray and ask God for guidance and strength. Turning my trust over to Him helps ease any anxieties I’m feeling because I know that He is in control and has a plan. I’ve been memorizing Romans 8 and I have only 3 verses to go. It’s been a game-changer for me because whenever I’m feeling anxious I can start repeating those lines of scripture to myself. It’s so powerful to have God’s word tucked away in our hearts and to know that He loves us so much. Thankful for Allie Beth‘s encouragement to memorize this during Quarantine. If you’re interested, just start with 1 verse a day. It’s totally doable and you’ll feel so accomplished!

If You’re Feeling Down

Get some rest! Sometimes, no matter what I try, I just can’t shake a bad mood. What helps is for me to listen to my body and usually that means I need some extra rest. I plan to shut off social media and go to bed early. I usually feel a lot better the next day, especially if I can get out for an early walk with Ginger (more of that Vitamin D!).

Also having things to look forward to has been fun! I know that this has been an adjustment for Augustine as well, so it’s been fun to plan things that we can do together. We’ll do lunch picnics in our backyard, bring out a game we haven’t played together before (just taught him Go Fish!), and talk about things we’re looking forward to doing. Augustine really wants to go camping so we’re thinking about hopefully going beach camping in summer.

When it comes to diet, try to stick clean! During the early quarantine days, I think I loaded up on a lot of snacks, sweets, and wine. I find that I feel my best though when I have a little more moderation with my diet and nutrition. I aim for meals that are heavy on the veggies and fruits, and I try to minimize the carbs and sugar. It can be so hard though! Meal prepping does help though!

Another little change I’ve been making has been swapping one of my cups of coffee for some mood-boosting green tea. Green tea has tons of antioxidants that can help clear your mind and have even been said to help with decision making and memory. Don’t forget there’s a little caffeine kick, too! There are also teas made specifically for mood-boosting like this Get Happy herbal tea! There’s something about a warm cup of tea in the morning or a refreshing iced tea in the afternoon that is really soothing.

I hope you all are hanging in there! Do you know of any instant mood boosters that do the trick?


photos by Kimber Brown