The Perfect Date Night Clutch

July 2, 2020


Here's a perfect date night clutch! - M Loves M @marmar

Things are starting to open back up now, and you know what that means – time for some date nights! I’m really excited to go out to the restaurants that are doing outdoor seating {with safety precautions of course} and get a taste of normal life. If you guys don’t know, I really like food, and I really like eating out at restaurants. Getting all dressed up to go out, however, can seem daunting after months of a makeup-less, pajama filled quarantine with no one to see but our immediate family, lol. I definitely feel like getting ready is so much harder than it used to be!! But we deserve this, and I think a date night clutch is the perfect accessory to start these date nights back up. Clutches are easy, versatile, and always look so classy, so keep reading to find your perfect date night clutch!

Here's the perfect going out purse! - M Loves M @marmarHere's a perfect date night clutch! - M Loves M @marmarHere's the perfect date night clutch! - M Loves M @marmar

The Perfect Date Night Clutch


dress . espadrilles . headband . clutch {now only available in black, but I found a similar option here!}

When it comes to putting a look together for a date night, I always grab a clutch to finish off my outfit! I feel like it really pulls the look together and makes the whole outfit feel classy and chic. There’s no need to lug around my everyday purse {check out my favorite everyday tote here!}, when I am just going out to dinner or a movie. Date nights call for a bag that is smaller, lighter, and trendy to carry just the necessities!

Clutches seriously are my date night go to, they are that perfect smaller size for night out essentials and they are much more chic. I only carry a few small items with me like a lipgloss, my phone, cards and keys, so I really do not need to bring a big purse with me. It’s especially nice because I don’t need to bring all the extra necessities I carry around when I’m with the kids! When picking out a clutch, I like to go for something that has a bit of extra detailing. Since I typically am dressing nice for the evening I want my bag to look the part as well, but I love to find something with a fun pattern, a unique texture, a wild print, or an interesting shape! These are all great characteristics to look for in a clutch and will really make that date night outfit feel special. Especially if an all black outfit is your date night go-to, an interesting clutch can really add something to the look. Also, if you know you will be walking around more, it may be worthwhile to find a clutch that comes with an attachable shoulder strap, which I personally love – it’s a two for one!! Another great thing about clutches is that since they’re small, I find them to be the perfect piece to try out some new fun trends or bold designs, like this clutch here that is made completely out of bamboo or this one that has really cool flower details!


What’s your favorite go-to date night piece? Are you guys planning on going on any date nights soon?


photos by Priscilla Frey