Augustine on his 4th Birthday

September 21, 2020


How Augustine celebrated his 4th birthday!

Augustine on his 4th Birthday

My little boy is 4 and I can say without a doubt that these have been the most special 4 years. It feels like just yesterday that we were bringing him home {you can read his birth story here}, but so much has happened these last four years. He’s learned how to walk, run, scooter and now ride a {balance} bike. Motherhood is the most incredible blessing and I’m so grateful that God has entrusted me to raise these two children. Watching Augustine grow and seeing his personality develop has been special beyond words. There are so many sweet things about this boy that just make him one of a kind. He’s kind and affectionate, caring and helpful, curious and imaginative, and of course silly and full of energy. He loves music, whether he’s playing the piano, guitar, or ukulele,  or turning anything he can find into a drum and drumsticks. He’s a little bit of me, a little bit of Matthew, and all his own! I pray that this boy grows to be a strong man of God who loves his family, treats everyone with kindness and respect, searches for truth, and helps make our world a better place. I have no doubt that he will! Augustine, I love you my boy, more than you could ever know! Thank you for being you!!