1 Sad Thing, 2 Funny Things, and 3 Sweet Things

October 19, 2020


Loving fall floral dresses

Happy Monday, friends! This weekend flew by but it was so nice to spend some time with family. We’ve been loving our time in San Diego because we’ve been close to Matthew’s mom, siblings, and their families. Plus being close to the ocean is so good for the soul. Now that Augustine’s chin is almost all healed, we felt a little better about going to play in the sand. If you didn’t know, Augustine cut his chin open on his scooter so we’ve been avoiding water and salt the last two weeks. It’s been so tough for our little guy but he’s had such a positive outlook!

To mix it up today, I thought it would be fun to share 1 Sad Thing, 2 Funny Things, and 3 Sweet Things. I thought that might be a different way of catching up with you all, plus  I have details on this gorgeous floral fall midi dress, along with lots of other cute florals for the season.

Adoring fall floral stylesThe cutest boots to match my floral dressfalls-florals-dressMy favorite tote bagFall-florals-dresses

1 Sad Thing, 2 Funny Things, and 3 Sweet Things


dress {under $100} . boots . bag {mini version} . earrings



1. Augustine split his chin open and got stitches – Ok, I mentioned this one above but I’ll go into it a bit more here. Augustine was scootering down the hallway by our place and he ran right into Corinna. I was right there but unfortunately couldn’t act fast enough. He knocked Corinna down {so thankful she wasn’t hurt too!}, and his chin just split right open. I knew immediately it was more than just a bandaid fix so we went into the local ER. It was such a hectic experience calling urgent cares at 4:45 and having two tell us they wouldn’t see us because they were getting ready to close for the day, and the other telling us they didn’t see patients under 14. Ah! Next time we travel I’m going to make sure I call local urgent cares to figure out hours, location, etc so that if something did happen {praying to God it doesn’t!}, I would feel a little more prepared with where to go. Augustine was such a brave little guy though and the doctor was so impressed with how calm he stayed the entire time.


1. Augustine started calling Corinna’s pigtails “bunny tails” and now he calls them “rabbit tails.” He is such a sweet big brother and it’s been so fun to see them interact more and more. Also it’s so interesting seeing their different personalities shine through. Both these kiddos are so sweet and loving, but they also have their feisty and opinionated sides. Like one second Corinna will be giving me a kiss on the shoulder, and the next she’ll be scratching me face with her nails! They both loves to laugh though and yesterday they were cracking each other up in the car by just saying “sorry” in a funny voice.
2. I found random diary entries that I wrote from my various personalities- Ok, so during our big packing process I came across the funniest journals from when I was in elementary school and middle school. As you can imagine, the writings of a pre-teen girl can be pretty imaginative and silly. I had several letters that I wrote from different perspectives, like the chalk at school and our little bunny. It’s always entertaining reading old notes and diary entries you’ve written, and also to think about the things we used to care so much about that now don’t seem quite as important.


1. Corinna loves Matthew’s mom so much. She would rather her hold her than me! – Corinna has been so attached to Matthew’s mom for the longest time but she has especially loved seeing her more now that we’re in San Diego. When we’re together, she only wants her “Mimi” as she’s nicknamed her to hold her. Whenever I try, she squawks and bats me away. And then she cries when we leave. lol! It’s very sweet!
2. Augustine made up a song for Corinna that goes like this, “I love Baby Sis. I’m not far away from you. I’m always here for you.” I need to capture this on video but this absolutely melted my heart. Augustine wanted to play a song on Matthew’s guitar so he started strumming and those lyrics came out of his mouth. Siblings are such a gift and I’m so thankful that these two have each other!
3. Overhearing Matthew telling his siblings he can’t wait to go on a date night with me! aww! I absolutely miss our date nights {did you see this Instagram post?} and I hope we can fit in at least one while we’re in San Diego. If you have any date night recommendations, let me know!

Would love to hear any sad/funny/sweet things you’d like to share! I also wanted to let you all know that I’ve been doing a 31 Days of Thankfulness challenge where throughout each day this month I pray for something I’m grateful for. Yesterday, I prayed for you, all of my blog readers. I hope you know that through whatever trials you face, there is so much hope and peace that can be found. Even something small like doing a daily thankful challenge can be so powerful as it retrains your mind to focus on the positive. Despite everything that’s happened this year I know we all have things to be thankful for. And I’m tremendously thankful for you. Thank you all so much for coming by and reading my blog and supporting me. The emails, comments and DMs I get from you checking in have been so appreciated.


I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!


photos by Priscilla Frey