Holiday Gift Guide for Him

November 24, 2020


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Holiday Gift Guide for Him


Hello friends <of my wife>!! Matthew here.

It’s that time again…. the chestnuts are roasting and the marshmallows are toasting, and hopefully you’re not having to do too much ghosting! Yes, we are quickly approaching the holidays and lots of winter cheer is in order. 2020 has been quite the strange and confusing year and I for one am glad we are coming to the end of it. But I’m also looking forward to some much-needed celebration and relaxation, just to give 2020 a deserved kick in the ballz. But before I can fully relax, I feel like I need to offer a few tips for those looking to surprise and delight the man in their life. Ok, that’s not totally true. I was ready to relax fully, but my sweet wife got all up in my grill to help her out with this and because she is pretty awesome, I decided to help out (and our couch is not comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep). God knows I need my sleep these days…

Let’s get right into this!

Cast Iron Fish Bottle Opener

I’m starting off with an extremely controversial pick: the fish bottle opener. It caught my eye as a badass bottle opener and I love how it looks but according to amazon user “butterfly”, this bottle opener is “hard to use” and it “bends the caps”. LOLOL. Every single bottle opener I’ve ever used has bent bottle caps. That’s the point! Anyways, it’s a gift (and relatively cheap), and that’s what matters. haha But seriously, if it’s cast iron, it’s strong enough to open a bottle, I promise. A gritty fish bottle opener is just more street cred. Trust me.

Waterproof Flashlight and Flask

On to much safer territory with the waterproof flashlight…. that doubles as a flask? Whaaaat you say? Yes!! Finally. When your guy is out in the elements in a rainstorm… in the dark…he’ll at least be able to take the edge off. Just kidding. Fill that thing with Gatorade.

Waterproof Vans

Undercover Ducks

It’s winter and you may encounter rain or snow. Good to have these Vans or maybe a rad pair of duck boots. Keep those dogs toasty. Or else they may crumble off like pieces of an old pretzel. Ditto for hands! There’s no hand jive for those who have frostbite. Gloves are the answer. Next up, I like this fleece shirt. Look how many reviews. It’s loved, to say the least. I’m in.

Fleece Shirt

Casual Gloves

Mystery Ranch Backpack

Mystery Ranch is a rad company that makes some of the most LEGIT gear. I own one of their large bags for backpacking and I’m really, really impressed. This one is great for day hikes and I’m sure it will be a big step up from whatever your guy currently owns.

Passport Holder

How about a passport wallet. Not that anyone is traveling anywhere these days, but it’s definitely cool to have a leather home for your passport to snuggle up in.

Leatherman Free Multi-tool

Ok, I know, you’ve heard enough about multi-tools… but trust me, they come in handy and maybe this is for some of the greener ladies who haven’t yet given the gift of multiple tool capability to their fella. If said fella is squared away, he will appreciate the redundancy. If not, he will appreciate that you are solution-oriented. Same goes for this waterproof first aid kit. Throw a tourniquet in it and call it a day. It’s a must-have for the car, camping backpack, or go-bag.

First Aid Kit

Wool Socks

Fox in socks, sir! That is a Seuss reference. That book takes FOREVER to read through for your lil kiddo if you’re tired, btw. But the point is that socks are important for the health of your feet and for morale. Get a good wool sock for the guy and he will be happy!

Defense Soap

We are now getting into the last few items of this gift guide. It may seem like I’ve jumped the shark with this one, but trust me, I have not. For the jiu-jitsu practitioner, or just any guy that would enjoy feeling truly clean and smelling so good after a shower, get this soap! I love it. It’s next level. Tea tree oil is awesome. I discovered it when I first started grappling and it is so well worth the money. And I guarantee you will be happy too!!

Rain Jacket

Last up is a solid gift idea – a super lightweight rain jacket. I keep an extra in my car at all times, just in case. You can’t have enough of these. They break the wind, you don’t break the bank. Win – win.

Well, thanks so much for putting up with my annual antics. I’m tired and need to sleep. Godspeed ladies. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all.



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I hope you all enjoyed Matthew’s post! (That man is funny and definitely keeps us all entertained around here)

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