My Favorite Target Holiday Decor Picks

November 10, 2020


Target holiday decor

Hi friends! Popping on because 1. I missed you and 2. I’ve been really missing our home things that are currently in storage.  I did some online shopping to help bring a little bit of cozyness to our current rental and I found the cutest things that I was thinking you might like too.

This is my favorite time of year and while it feels like we’re still very much in this in-between phase, I can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with Matthew and the little ones. Can you believe December will be here in less than a month??  Recently I checked in with you all (you can read it here) and got so many great suggestions on what kind of content you would like to see this holiday season. I am so happy and excited that the holidays are right around the corner. There are so many amazing ways to celebrate, and one of them is by decorating! One of my favorite places to go holiday shopping is Target {pronounced Tar-jei when I’m feeling fancy!} because of how cute and accessible everything is. I found so many cute Target holiday decor styles that are super affordable and I hope you like them too!

My Favorite Target Holiday Decor Picks

I think the cutest way to decorate your home for the holidays is by adding some greenery. Nature just has a way of softening things up and making a room feel more organic and natural. This garland would be so special over a doorway, a bed, or classically over the fireplace. You could also add a cute mistletoe wreath to your front door to give it that holiday feel.  I also find these mini pine trees super adorable. You can place them anywhere like your desk or table. I picked up a few of these for Augustine and Corinna’s room!

What are the winter holidays without staying warm and cozy? Having a warm and fuzzy throw blanket is so essential during this season. It is also the best time for hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, or tea! This holiday mug is super simple yet cute to have your drink in.  There are so many mug options at Target that are really nice like this mini mug! Having a cute mug to drink your daily coffee helps make everyday moments feel a little more special.

There are a ton of wonderful holiday decor styles that I am loving right now. These minimalist decoration picks are honestly my favorite because you can always add a pop of color onto it or you can keep things simple. I feel like Augustine in particular is so aware of the Christmas season so I can’t wait to decorate wit him to help cheer up this time of year.


What are you looking forward to most for the holidays? And more importantly, when will you start decorating?? No judgment for the before Thanksgiving crowd. I feel like anything goes with a year like 2020, and why not lengthen the most wonderful time of year?!