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January 26, 2021


an update on our recent move - M Loves M @marmar

2020 was a big year of life changes for us – selling our house, moving into various rentals, and finally settling into our home. Now that the boxes are finally clearing, I feel like I’m able to sit down and write a little bit behind our move.

If you’ve been following me for a while you might know this already but I feel like I’m a country girl at heart. I grew up in the city of Los Angeles, but fell in love with the country due to our frequent visits to see my Grandma in Northern California. She was married to a farmer and her backyard was their giant pear orchard. Memories running around the fields with my brother, riding on tractors, and going into the small town where everyone knew my Grandma and Dad felt so peaceful and comforting. As much as I’ve loved living by the beach, and do miss it a lot, I felt like we were ready for a change in scenery.

Matthew and I have talked privately about moving somewhere new for the past few years and then realized last year in February that we were ready to make a change. I really believe that God was pushing us in this direction and it wasn’t until we made the decision that we were just flooded with this huge sense of peace.

an update on our recent move - M Loves M

We’ve settled in Idaho for a bit and while I’m honestly not sure what the future holds, I know that we are so happy to be here right now. The weather is much much muuuch colder than we’re used to, but still bearable. I’m missing creature comforts like our favorite stores {no Nordstrom!!} and our go-to restaurants, but I’ve fallen in love with the landscape here and I just can’t wait to explore more.

best experience with Valley Custom Moving - M Loves M @Marmar

Moving can be such an emotional and exhausting experience, but luckily we had the best experience with our movers! I did a bunch of research and ended up choosing Valley Custom Moving and I’m so so glad we did. They were fun but totally professional and also took great care of our things in storage for a few months. I still can’t get over the fact that not one glass broke. Seriously, I’m amazed! I didn’t do the best job packing {packing up a house while taking care of 2 little kids and without any help was its own challenge!} and I knew I had really overloaded a few boxes with breakables. But not one thing was broken! Valley Custom Moving also had the most affordable rate hands down. I’ve been recommending them to everyone, so had to tell you all too! Read up about their experience too, and you can marvel over their beards, as Matthew did!

living room piled with boxes - M Loves M @marmar

I also wanted to share some photos of the new house with you all. I’m kicking myself for not taking professional photos on my nice camera when it was all empty,  but the iPhone ones will have to do. It’s been so nice to get our furniture out of storage and find new spots for them in this different space. I’m really excited about some of the room designs we’re working on, like a new living room, small updates to our bedroom, and also our Loft Room that will also double as a homeschool area. Right now my main task is to find affordable drapes and roman shades since we don’t have anything on our windows right now. I have a consultation later this week, and then I’m also going to pop into Home Depot because I keep hearing they have a good selection too.

our dining room before photos - M Loves M @marmar view from upstairs - M Loves M @marmar Augustine and Corinna settling into new house - M Loves M @marmar unpacking all the baskets at the new house - M Loves M

Realized I have enough baskets for a mini pop-up shop (and pillows too!)

our new kitchen with dark island and light quartz countertop - M Loves M @Marmar

I’m so excited to share more home content with you all {requests always welcome!}, but mainly I just can’t wait to settle back into a normal routine. It was a long second half of 2020 and towards the end I was just ready to sleep in my own bed, use my own towels, and get my kitchen back in order. I ended up having dreams about my cooking utensils if you can believe it.  There’s just something about your go-to spatula, ya know?

Thank you all for following along on this journey. It’s been hard not sharing all of the details with you all, but I’m happy that I’m able to now!


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