Building an Easter Basket

March 22, 2021


putting together Augustine's Easter Basket - tips for what to put in a toddler Easter Basket - M Loves M @marmar

Easter is a few weeks away and I’ve been really wanting to do something special for the kids so I’ve been busy planning cute little Easter baskets for them. Last year, things didn’t go as planned (in 2020 fashion) so I’m trying to be a little ahead of things right now. With Easter, we do our best to keep the focus on Jesus while also celebrating the beauty of spring. To keep me from going overboard on an Easter basket, I was able to narrow down to a few key categories so I thought I’d share some favorites from each with you all. I think I’m most excited about the books I picked out because both kids have been loving reading/looking through books lately. It’s been so fun to share some old favorite books with them, as well as discover new ones. I hope this post is helpful for any of you building an Easter basket for your kiddos this year!


baskets, faux grass, and of course the Easter eggs!


Love books about the true meaning of Easter, along with ones that celebrate spring and new life!


Creative toys are my favorite but of course a stuffed animal and toy truck are always well loved!


There are so many cute spring outfits for little ones! I’m looking forward to ditching the darker winter colors for some pastel hues!

Do you do anything to make Easter special for your family? Would love to hear if you have any favorite traditions!


photos by Priscilla Frey