Setting up for Happy Hour with a Secret Tip

September 1, 2021


setting up for an outdoor happy hour in san diego and sharing a tip for buying groceries and making your life easier- M Loves M @marmar

Our time in San Diego is coming quickly to a close and I know I will miss the sunny beach days followed by the brisk evenings. It’s been so nice to have this chance to recharge and soak up lots of family and friend time. Our trips these days feel a bit different with children but Matthew and I have been finding special ways to connect as we used to on our solo couple vacations. A happy little change has been that we’ve been able to stay on Boise time and get the little ones down to bed earlier than usual. With shorter naps at the beach, this has allowed Matthew and I to have our own evening happy hours just the two of us on our patio. It feels special in its own way and even though the children aren’t more than 50 feet away, we feel like it’s just us. Our favorite membership has been such a help to us this trip as well because we’ve been able to get whatever we need when we need it. For planning this backyard happy hour I was able to get free same-day delivery* on fresh groceries for our Caprese salad, plus a loaf of bread and other goodies! (*$35 minimum. Restrictions apply)

my trick for putting together a last minute happy hour - M Loves M @marmar a life hack for buying groceries - M Loves M @marmar setting up for an outdoor happy hour in san diego - M Loves M @marmar

Walmart+ is such an amazing membership and with free same-day delivery it really comes in handy! Our beach apartment has very little parking so going out during the evening hours is practically impossible. While take-out is great, we’ve been trying to still cook a bunch so having access to fresh groceries has been amazing. I didn’t realize how helpful this membership would be when we got it, but it’s been more than worth it, especially on this trip.

spinach salad with apples and parmesan - M Loves M @marmar san diego vacation - M Loves M @marmar a simple happy hour set up - M Loves M @marmar vacation in san diego. pretty fall floral dress. similar to reformation but for less - M Loves M @marmar

It’s incredibly easy and convenient to order too. I can use my Walmart+ account from the Walmart app to order groceries in just 10 minutes. Everything arrives fresh and knowing this frees me up to do other things is the best feeling! There are also no markups on items, so you’re getting the same prices as in-store, without any hidden fees.

happy hour made easier with walmart+ - M Loves M @marmar fall floral dress for an evening happy hour - M Loves M @marmar caprese salad, spinach salad with parmesan and apple, and baguette- M Loves M @marmar

With fall around the corner I know we have a lot going on, so take a peek at the membership to see how it can help bring value to your day/week. If you can cut out those grocery runs to spend more time with family and friends, I think it’s so worth it! How often have you had a situation where you’ve unexpectedly run out of a certain grocery item (like milk/butter!) and don’t want to run out to get it? Or you are scrambling to put together a last-minute dinner party? Walmart+ has made our lives much easier, all while saving time (and money!) in the process.


DISCLOSURE: Thank you so much to Walmart for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are completely my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors!

FYI Free delivery from your store has a $35 order minimum. Restrictions apply.