36: week in review

September 10, 2023


nature walk - M Loves M @marmar

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! It’s still hot in Boise but we’ve been having these lovely cool mornings that remind me that fall is right around the corner. We decided we’re going to take advantage of having our favorite summer meals a little bit longer which I’m totally ok with. We’ll have lots of time for soups and stews, but when it’s 85 in the evenings something lighter sounds much better.

This was our first week of school and even though we started on Tuesday because of Labor Day, we got through almost everything. I’m trying to remove some of the pressure of homeschooling. The truth is, homeschooling doesn’t (and shouldn’t) look like regular school anyway. It’s a part of our daily life and while that might not work for some families, it does for us. I love that I can do some of the readings with Augustine in the evenings, or over the weekend if we need/want to. And the beauty is that we can make changes if something isn’t working well for us. I’m looking forward to about a month in, which I think is when we’ll find our comfortable rhythm.


I plan to share the meals I made the previous week, with links if possible, as some inspiration for your own menu planning. 

MONDAY- Roasted Tomato Soup with Broiled Cheddar (this recipe was not good! When tomato soup is good it’s soo good but this one just tasted like tomato sauce) It was from this cookbook. Next time I’ll stick with our go-to tomato soup recipe.

TUESDAY- Chipotle Steak Taco Bowls– this recipe required a little bit of prep work but we all said it was delicious and I even printed out the recipe to store for the future.  The pepita scallion dressing was so good you could drink it!

WEDNESDAY- Halloumi Roast with Eggplant, Zucchini, and Tomatoes- This was so easy and delicious! Roasted Halloumi cheese with late summer produce and piled it onto a bowl of quinoa with a drizzle of balsamic.

THURSDAY- Crispy Shrimp and Broccoli with Rice and a Sesame Peanut Sauce – I ate this recipe cold because it took me awhile to put Beatrice down so it wasn’t my favorite. Another one from this cookbook which I haven’t been nearly as impressed with as this one.

FRIDAY- Beefsteak Skirt Steak Salad with Blue Cheese and Parsley Basil Vinaigrette- Matthew’s ideal meal: steak and salad!

SATURDAY- Burger Night with Salad and Fries- we love mixing our burger meat according to this recipe. It makes it so yummy!

SUNDAY- Grilled Chicken with Summer Squash Salad

tomato and steak salad - M Loves M @marmar

blueberry muffins - M Loves M @marmar

For the first day of school, I made blueberry muffins which has become our little tradition the past few years. I made the Smitten Kitchen recipe which the kids really like. They’re not too sweet and there’s a little hint of lemon that’s just right.

I made a really delicious Honey Mama’s knock-off recipe. Matthew and I are doing a little health challenge this month but we’ve ok’d an occasional honey dessert. This one will be a repeat for sure because it satisfies that chocolate craving in a healthier way.


Just a few weeks ago you wouldn’t have found me anywhere close to a pair of jeans, but with our much cooler mornings, I’ve been reaching for this pair of denim and this cardigan. It’s still getting quite warm in the afternoons and evenings so I’ll usually have a midday outfit change into a dress/shorts. This dress silhouette from Christy Dawn is one of my favorites (I have two different prints in the same cut). You can use my code 15MARA for a little discount!


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Nordstrom– End of Summer Sale up to 60% off (lots of cute shoes – see below – but also this cozy FP sweater!)

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Getting ready for our homeschool year has taken over every spare minute the past month at least so it’s strange actually to be starting. As I mentioned earlier, I can’t wait to get more into our routine but so far I’m pleased with our curriculum choice of The Good and the Beautiful Math with Ambleside. Ambleside has such a diverse booklist and I really feel like Augustine is getting access to beautiful thoughts and ideas that will hopefully inspire him in a fundamental way. From artists to composers to history, nature study, and literature, it’s truly a feast of riches and I feel lucky that I get to be learning alongside him.

I have been seeing all these cute Samba sneakers everywhere, which reminds me of a pair of black and white ones I had in high school. I came across this beige pair and now it’s high on my wishlist. I love the natural color and I feel like I would wear them a bunch.

I started taking my evening walks again the other night which has been so nice. I had to take a break out of busyness and challenging bedtime routines, but when I can sneak those in I feel so much lighter and calmer. Beatrice has been going through a little bit of a sleep regression at 10 1/2 months. She’s been waking up several times at night and while it’s been common for her to wake once or twice, usually she goes right down to sleep. Lately, however, she’s been waking up and then not going back to sleep as easily. Or I’ll put her down and she’ll be asleep but 7 minutes later she’ll be sitting up in her crib crying. Friday night she was up at 5 am for the day which Matthew and I joke is the normal (but not desired) wake time for babies, according to our first pediatrician. One thing that helps is looking at The Wonder Weeks app which does tell me that she’s in a leap right now (the Leap of Sequences). Reading about that leap reminds me that this too shall pass, and it allows me to be more patient and understanding with her during this period. These challenging times can feel so long and overwhelming sometimes, but it’s just for a short season and before you know it, they’ll be through it. I love how these younger years teach you so much about compassion, patience, and gentleness. Even though I feel utterly exhausted, I’m also cherishing these early years because they are fleeting.


And on that note, I’m going to bed! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!


braided garlic - M Loves M @marmargarlic from our garden is strung in the pantry

corinna in sunglasses - M Loves M @marmar

Corinna was so cute borrowing my sunglasses the other day. A little big but so adorable! (one of my favorite pairs)

farmers market flowers in boise, idaho - M Loves M @marmar

the prettiest farmers market flowers