40: week in review

October 8, 2023


fall morning at kathryn albertson park in boise - M Loves M @marmar

It’s kind of crazy noting each week of the year because I’m like how are we 40 weeks in?! Obviously, fall is here and we’re getting towards the end of 2023 but just seeing the number blows me a bit away. This week felt a little extra long because Matthew was out of town for work, but we all survived! He got back on Saturday and we grabbed a quick lunch at one of our favorite places in Boise, Certified Kitchen + Bakery. We ran into a friend too (love small-town living) and it seemed like everyone was out because of the gorgeous weather. I think we’re all soaking in these last 70 degree days while enjoying the stunning autumn trees – the colors are incredible right now!


I plan to share the meals I made the previous week, with links if possible, as some inspiration for your own menu planning. 

MONDAY- Creamy Gnocchi Soup– so delicious! Definitely a staple during the cooler months.

TUESDAY- Black Bean Flautas – so easy! I mixed black beans and refried beans with cheese, rolled in tortillas, and baked until crispy. Topped with shredded iceberg lettuce, sour cream, guac, and more cheese!

WEDNESDAY- Sheet Pan Honey Roasted Chicken with Carrots and Brussels Sprouts– This was so good and a wonderful reminder of how convenient sheet pan dinners are. Corinna ate all of her Brussels and Augustine ate all of his carrots so I think that’s a win!

THURSDAY- One Pot Lemony Garlic Butter Shrimp Orzo– love how quickly this all came together!

FRIDAY- Creamy Roasted Tomato Ricotta Pasta– Loved making the sauce from all our summer cherry tomatoes!

SATURDAY- leftover soup

SUNDAY- Burgers and Fries- It’s a high of 83 today so that’s burger weather. Taking advantage of a few more grill nights!

creamy gnocchi soup - M Loves M @marmar roasting tomatoes and garlic for pasta - M Loves M @marmar afternoon coffee and cookie - M Loves M @marmar

I have some of those espresso chocolate chip cookies in the freezer still and I have to say I like them a lot more after they were chilled for 24 hours. They are such a good little afternoon treat with an iced latte.


I gave my cowgirl boots some love this week – love how cute they look with dresses, especially my Christy Dawn dresses (the Dawn is a favorite style!). Use code 15Mara for a discount!

I used up the very last of my Saie tinted moisturizer this week. The three and a half shade has been such a good match and it’s what I’ve been using daily.


H&M– 20% off sitewide for members!

GAP– 50% off sweaters and 60% off sale

Anthropologie– 25% off Fall Favorites


Last Sunday night I watched You’ve Got Mail for the first time in years. It’s such a classic rom-com and it was one of my favorites growing up. It’s amazing how I’ve been able to remember so many lines, even after all these years. Also, that soundtrack is so good! Definitely recommend rewatching it during the fall! “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. ”

Corinna was my little helper at our farmers’ market yesterday. I love getting to spend some quality 1:1 time with her when I can. Also, her bangs are so perfect, aren’t they? Did I tell you she cut them herself?? Much to my dismay of course, although I’ll admit she’s a natural. I had someone touch them up a bit but they didn’t need much help.

Augustine is so sweet with Baby Beatrice. We were outside over the weekend and he was rolling a ball to her and telling her about how he likes to Nerf Gun attack wasp nests.

I took a little break from social media this week which was honestly so good for me. I felt way more productive and happier. I feel like my relationship with that app has changed so much in the past 3-4 years. I heard someone comparing it to a breakup where you know you’re better off apart but not able to officially cut ties. I think that’s where I am right now. I love certain things about it, especially the community, but not much else.

Today we went on a beautiful walk in Kathryn Albertson park. It’s so gorgeous there right now with so many pollinating flowers, not to mention all the fall trees. If you want to fall in love with Boise, come during the fall!

fall walk in boise  - M Loves M @marmar C doing school - M Loves M @marmar fall mornings in idaho  - M Loves M @marmar floral prints - M Loves M @marmar kathryn albertson park - M Loves M @marmar walking with C- M Loves M @marmar hydrangeas in october in boise - M Loves M @marmar

I hope you all have a lovely week!