42: week in review

October 22, 2023


date night at home -

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Today (Saturday) has been one of those long, tiring days. I wasn’t as busy around the house but I think the week just caught up to me. I was reading a story to Augustine while the girls were napping and fell asleep myself! I am not a napper but I also don’t really let myself lie down during the day. Combine lounging on the couch in a sunny room and reading a book, I had no chance!


I plan to share the meals I made the previous week, with links if possible, as some inspiration for your own menu planning. 

MONDAY- Creamy but Cream-less Tomato Soup and Biscuits– packed full of so many veggies and incredibly flavorful. Loved the easy biscuits so much too!

TUESDAY- Honey Chipotle Salmon Tacos– easy and so delicious. I didn’t include as much of the chipotle in adobo because of the little ones but Matthew added hot sauce on top.

WEDNESDAY- Soulva-inspired Chicken Salad– yummy and fresh tasting

THURSDAY- One-pan Creamy Boursin Pasta with Shrimp– such a fun way to make spaghetti! I liked the leftovers even better though, to be honest.

FRIDAY- Sourdough Pizza (a repeat of last week’s eggplant, red onion, tomato sauce, mozzarella, garlic, fresh oregano and basil)

SATURDAY- One-Skillet Sausage and Mushroom Cassoulet– I made a cassoulet earlier in the year that was very similar to this and not very good. Why I was inspired to make this one, I’m not sure, but I’m so glad I did! This recipe was so delicious and the kids loved it so much. I can’t wait for the leftovers tomorrow.

SUNDAY- Breakfast for Dinner

honey chipotle salmon tacos - M Loves M @Marmar soulva chicken salad caro chambers -M Loves M @Marmar


I’ve been loving wearing my favorite fall boots! Margaux makes the most beautiful pairs and this one is the best with jeans or dresses. I love the slightly Western-inspired shape. I’ve been looking at their Chelsea Boot lately because it’s in a water-resistant suede that would work rain or shine.

For a park outing, I kept it simple in all black with a denim shirt and sneakers.

mommy and me style - M Loves M @Marmar


Not on sale, but I have my eye on these ballet flats. I used to have a pair of silver flats in high school that I wore all the time so I’d love to get a pair like these. They look so cute with blue denim!

Anthropologie– Up to 30% off the Fall Haul

Levi’s– 40% off and free shipping! It’s their Black Friday preview sale.


Beatrice’s birthday is coming up and I’m planning on making cinnamon rolls. I feel like this might be her traditional birthday breakfast because I made a batch the morning I went into labor with her! This was the recipe I used- with sourdough!

We’ve been soaking up the most beautiful autumn weather in Boise. I’m getting a little sad seeing the leaves fall from the trees in our backyard because the colors have been so beautiful. If you want to fall in love with Idaho, come in the autumn!

Our kiddos have been waking up so early these days. We’re talking 5:30-6am for all 3 of them! The time change is a few weeks away but I’m trying to figure out the best way to adjust them because with the time “falling back,” I’m going to need to get them to sleep in a little later!

Matthew and I had a date night at home last Sunday and it was the perfect way to end our weekend. It’s hard to get quality time just the two of us, not to mention a meal where we can talk without interruptions lol. It worked out well with the kids going to bed early and now I think we need to try to make it a regular thing!

baby bea style - M Loves M @Marmar

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!