44: week in review

November 5, 2023


entryway table - M Loves M @marmar

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend. November is here and I feel like we’re all looking forward to the holidays. We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year for our family in Idaho so that will be a first for us. Send tips and prayers! This week the weather took a significant nose dive so I’m scrambling a bit to make sure I have proper cold-weather gear for all the kiddos, and myself. I was chatting with a friend this morning and she mentioned looking for a snowsuit for herself so she could be out in the snow with her kids, and I was, “yes, of course!” I want to be out there in the snow with them too so I need to make sure I have the right clothes as well.


I plan to share the meals I made the previous week, with links if possible, as some inspiration for your own menu planning. 

MONDAY- Joanna Gaines Country Potato Soup – perfect meal for a cold night!

TUESDAY- Chili with Spaghetti- a favorite fall meal I used to have as a kid.

WEDNESDAY- Chicken Taco Salad– loved this cilantro vinaigrette

THURSDAY- Roasted Sheet Pan Salmon & zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes

FRIDAY- Sourdough Pizza with Carmelized Onions and Carmelized Mushrooms- We’ve been loving our Friday pizza nights!

SATURDAY- Cast Iron Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Maple-Roasted Kabocha Squash– this felt like a very fancy Saturday night dinner. So yummy!

SUNDAY-  Sheet Pan Honey Roasted Chicken with Brussels and Carrots– We made this a few weeks ago when Matthew was out of town and loved it so I’m making it again!

I made pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies today and they were SO good! I need to grab a photo of them tomorrow. I tried to cut back on the sugar just a tad because it seemed like a lot but they were delicious. I loved the chewy texture and the flavor of the pumpkin and browned butter. By the way, Corinna called them snicky doodles and it was the cutest thing ever!

country potato soup - M Loves M @marmar sourdough pizza - M Loves M @marmar


I got this pair of black boots from Zodiac and I love how versatile they are. They make a legging outfit feel more put together, and they give a little edge to a dress. black dress with platform boots - M Loves M @marmar mama and bea - M Loves M @marmar

To the shower, I wore this Emme Mama dress which works during pregnancy and nursing too.


GIGI PIP– Their Black Friday sale has started and hats are up to 25% off! I couldn’t resist getting this hat that’s been on my wishlist for the past two summers. I’m so excited to wear it, hopefully on a mid-winter getaway! Use code MARA15

Anthropologie– Extra 40% off sale – These earrings would make a great gift for a friend or mom. Or friendship bracelets!

GAP– 50% off sweaters, flannels and sweatshirts


This weekend I went to a baby shower for my friend Tiff. It was so nice to get together to celebrate her pregnancy and this sweet little life. My friend Jasmine hosted at her home and every detail was so beautiful!

All of a sudden it hit me that Christmas is 7 weeks away which seems like a lot of time but it will sneak up so quickly! I’m really hoping to get as much of my Christmas shopping done in November so that I can enjoy December more fully. My plan is to make a big shopping/errand/task To Do list this week and start working away at it.

On Friday my plan was to stay home but at the last minute we decided to meet up with our nature group and I am so happy we did. We went on the most beautiful walk at the Star River Walk. It was a misty morning but it felt like we were in a special little woodland village. The trees were canopied across and leaves blanketed the ground. I never regret getting outside for adventures like these!

fall in star, idaho - M Loves M @marmar star river walk - M Loves M @marmar pretty baby shower set up - M Loves M @marmar

I hope you all have a wonderful week!