3 Ways I De-Stress

April 19, 2017


reading a book to destress and unwind

Stress is one of the worst things for your body. We know this and yet sometimes it’s unavoidable. Lately, I feel like my life has been a little crazy. I’m navigating being a new mom, while also trying to work and stay on top of my responsibilities. I thought I’d share 3 Ways I De-Stress in case any of you are in a similar anxiety-provoking boat. I’d also love to hear from you! Do you have any tips on de-stressing?

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3 Ways I De-Stress

  1. Essential Oils – I’ve talked about my love for essential oils before, and if you follow me on InstaStories you’ve probably seen what a huge part these have had on my life. I diffuse essential oils throughout the day and at night, and I also apply some topically. There’s no denying the strong power of plants and botanicals and when you use therapeutical oils {reputable ones from a first distillation} the effects are incredible. I’ve been diffusing certain combos that have helped me so much with my stress levels, and I also made a cute roller that I’ll apply when I’m on the go. If I’m having a really stressful evening, I’ll even add some essential oils to my bath. It smells heavenly and is so relaxing! If any of you are feeling stressed, I’d definitely recommend trying essential oils! If you’re interested in a wholesale discount check out this post! I’m also happy to chat with you about any questions you have. Besides using them for stress, we also use essential oils for immunity, headaches, muscle pains, and sleep!
  2. Live Vicariously Through Characters- Whether it’s by reading or watching TV, I love to unwind through a fantasy world. I love focusing on other characters and their lives. It helps me to have a much needed mental break! My favorite shows to watch when I’m feeling stressed are Friends, The Mindy Project, and How I Met Your Mother. They always make me laugh which as you know is so helpful in lowering stress levels.
  3. Exercise- Nothing makes me de-stress quite like working out. Even just getting outside for a walk does wonders for my emotional wellbeing, which is why it was one of my Wellness Challenges! Yoga is another favorite workout. I find it so beneficial, either first thing in the morning or even before bed. Doing prenatal yoga during my pregnancy was one of the best things I could have done too. I found myself getting so overwhelmed during pregnancy but having an hour on the mat could totally turn things around!

And now I’d love to hear from you! How do you like to de-stress? Let me know if you have any tips to share! I’d love to hear!


photos by Jordan Zobrist

  • Rach

    I really need to check out essential oils. I’ve heard others talk about it being a great way to de-stres!


  • Michelle Joseph

    I de-stress by watching films and TV when I get home. I also like to shut off from the world of work and I love The Mindy Project and How I Met Your Mother. The Mindy Project has finished in the UK for now, and I’ve finally found out how Ted met their mother haha, so I’ve stopped watching that now.

    Mich x

    • I love knowing that you’re such a film buff!! It’s such a great escape to sit down and watch a movie or tv show 😉

  • Shevoneese Mcfarlane

    Usually I’ll watch a comedy or two on Netflix or try to unwind by reading a good book. There are moments when my fiance senses that it has been a long hard day and pull a few pranks which has us laughing for hours. As of late, I try to mediate for at least 20mins. I find that it really helps me clear my mind and gather my bearings.

    • yes comedies are my go-to when I want to unwind! I love that your fiance pulls some pranks on you! Laughter always helps me de-stress too!

  • Awesome:P

    Shall We Sasa

  • Natali

    Exercising and sauna are my favourite ways to de stress! 🙂


    • ooh saunas are so great! I was bummed I couldn’t use them during pregnancy but now I should do it again!! Love sweating out all the bad vibes!

  • Jenna Condon

    This are wonderful tips! I definitely agree with reading a good book, and another thing I love is to drink tea with some honey. It’s a warm drink that soothes me, and it’s not full of sugar like my coffee haha. Thanks for sharing

    • It’s so true! Warm drinks are soo soothing! I love tea with honey! I’m having that tonight 🙂

  • Brandi Matthews

    YES! I just started some oils an hour ago! I got a new grapefruit oil and it is so lovely!!!!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Xx Brandi

    • yes!! Oils are the best!! Love grapefruit, especially in the mornings!

  • Freckles and Fairytales

    I have issues with anxiety and the best advice I received that works for me is imagining air holes at the bottoms of my feet and breathe in clean air through the holes and breathe out the bad. It’s odd, but it really works.

    • That is such an interesting tip and I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing with me 🙂

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