we love zushi

August 13, 2009
On top- Killer Josh. On bottom- Butter Face

Yes, we are definitely those people. You know those ones obsessed with a certain kind of food from a certain restaurant. We are huuge sushi people. But the funny thing is that nothing compares to Zushi Puzzle in the Marina. It’s the best! We actually went there on our first real date- after the preliminary coffee date. It’s crazy to think back on how much I’ve changed in regards to my love for sushi. I used to be anti-wasabi and anti-ginger… now I love both. And I used to shy away from the spicy rolls. I actually had to get used to it though because when Matthew ordered one (like the Spicy Tuna Roll at Yoshi’s) I couldn’t say no. It was too new. Now of course I would protest, if of course, I hadn’t gotten used to it. We are regulars now at Zushi- hugs and free sake included. We have definitely acheived the primier status we were searching for oh so long.