march 8, 2008

August 12, 2009


March 8th 2008 (I have a habit of thinking it was 2007) was one of the greatest days ever. It was a Saturday. I was in Berkeley, much anticipating going out in SF that evening. The main reason: I was going to meet Matthew. My friend Alice had been trying to get us to meet for awhile and this was finally it. There were a couple bumps during the day: 1) I got a sunburn that made me look like a lobster and 2) It was a hassle getting my friends rallied for a city outing. Why? Who knows. It’s not SF is that far away (20 min driving) but I guess we were used to walking around Berkeley and not needing to deal with the DD situation.

But it all worked out. We were at the Mighty and then I saw him. I don’t like the term “love at first site” but it was pretty close. I was definitely struck. A couple awkward conversations (“What’s your major?” etc) later, a rather obvious (at least to me) hair stroke, and a kiss on the cheek later I was smitten. Of course, I didn’t really think he would call but of course 2 days later there was a voice mail on my phone. And that’s how it began…pretty much.

One of the early pictures. I’ll spare the ones from March 8th where I look like Sebastian’s sister.
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