dusting off the skeletons

October 30, 2009


Well pumpkin carving didn’t happen yet. I know, I know, we’re down to the wire, but we did go to a pumpkin patch last night. A semi-real one, unlike this one, although they weren’t on the vine {which is what Matthew really wanted}. The pumpkins there were SO expensive though! A super small one was $10 and the average sizers were $20+. I’m not a cheapskate, I swear, but I’d much rather get the $5 ones from the grocery store. So, instead I made some amazing pumpkin cupcakes with cheesecake frosting. Take a look at the following pictures and tell me they don’t look delicious! I dare you! Olivia Rae, how did I do??
{My mom decorating some to take to work}
{Being silly with a mini-pumpkin}

And because of the peer pressure by both Janis {my suitcase heart} and S {planet lumière} I am sharing 10 Random Things you probably don’t know about me!

1. I have a stuffed animal who I call Lambie {full name: Lucille Lamb Ferreira}. She may or may not still sleep in my bed with me..

2. I have never broken any bones, although I did cut my foot open trying to make butter from Kirsten The American Girl’s cookbook. The recipe called for shaking heavy cream in a mayonnaise jar with a marble. I think you can guess what happened..

3. I get scared of driving {and flying} and try to avoid it at all costs. So Matthew normally is the one behind the wheel.

4. I collect postcards and matchboxes. I have a lot of vintage matchboxes that were my Grandma’s. {I don’t smoke by the way}.

5. I never liked spicy foods but I had to get used to it when I started dating Matthew. In the beginning he’d always order spicy sushi rolls {like spicy tuna or rolls with spicy sauce} and I wanted him to like me so I sucked it up. And then soon enough I got used to it!

6. I am a HUGE dog lover! I would be a vet if I didn’t have to deal with putting animals down. I love labrador retrievers {frequently referred to as Labbies}. Sam was our first and then my brother and I got two brothers {one white and one black}. Mine was the black one and I named him Angel {for the reason see #7..}

7. I was a HUUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan {ok still am not not as crazy}. I had probably every picture and every magazine the cast was featured in. I taped every episode on VHS, major waste of money. The walls in my room were covered with pictures and I had stakes under my bed. I have most of the cast’s autographs, including Sarah Michelle Gellar. I was also Buffy three years in a row for Halloween!

8. If there was one food I could eat every day it would definitely be sushi. It’s my favorite!! I love rolls with avocado, cucumber, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, salmon, etc. mm I want some now!

9. When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer. I drew sketches in my free time and I was looking into FIT and FIDM. But then I realized that my sewing skills were majorly lacking! I still want to learn though!

10. When I was 10 I wanted glasses so badly. I faked an eye exam so that they would give me some and the doctor said he would “my exact prescription.” I told him I could see perfectly through the one he chose. Then he told my mom I was lying because he gave me clear glass to look through!! Four years later I actually needed them and now I wear contacts every day!

Ok, that was fun! Hope everyone is having a spooky Friday and getting ready for tomorrow!!