spooky scary.. part one

November 2, 2009


{fashion risk: socks with heels}
 These are some pictures from Halloween Eve. We were totally cutting it down to the wire and, in retrospect, being a little too picky about our pumpkins. We found this pumpkin patch but they were a little/a lot pricey and most of them weren’t the best for carving {spotted some rotting ones!}. So Halloween was a busy day, consisting of a mad hunt for pumpkins and last minute costume pieces. But we did see Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard so apparently other rockstar couples are procrastinators too! After going to every grocery store in a 10 mile radius we finally found one gem, and convinced my Mom to let me carve pumpkin! They ended up looking so unbelievably good {professional, if I do say so myself!}. I’ll post them tomorrow along with our costumes!! Hope everyone had a happy Halloween weekend! Woo hoo for the extra hour of sleep!
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