look book: le carnival

April 28, 2010


There were two major highlights this past weekend. The first was that it was our church’s festival. It’s something I look forward to every year! In high school my best friend Lizzie and I worked one of the booths and I remember our parents dropping us off, with a curfew. Pre-driving obviously!

So over the weekend Matthew and I went to have some good, old fashioned fun. It just so happened that the game Lizzie and I used to work, Water Gun Fun, needed an extra player. Everyone convinced Matthew to play and he said, “I’m warning you I’m in it to win it!” And surprise surprise he won! He won me a cute lion and it was very old school and romantic!

I wore this romper that I got the other weekend at Marshalls. I love the floral print and I thought it was perfect to wear to the carnival..especially with my little red peep toes wedges! {I think I was trying to channel my inner Allie from The Notebook}

romper Marshalls, shoes Steve Madden, necklace vintage, bag Forever 21

So, the other major highlight from this weekend was that on Friday night Matthew and I saw Jim Carrey. Yes, celebrity, actor, funny man, idol. So we were leaving our favorite sushi restaurant and waiting at the valet. There was a big black Escalade waiting and then all of a sudden Jim Carrey hopped into the backseat and a woman {probably his publicist} got in the front seat. I was so shocked and excited and Matthew said he had seen him sitting across from us at dinner but didn’t want to tell me! Gah what did he think I was going to make a scene?! I wouldn’t I swear! So then things got a whole lot better when Jim Carrey rolled down the darkly tinted window and said, “You two should get married. Like immediately.” It was the coolest thing ever!! Yes, very random but still amazing! I mean with his approval who cares about mom and dad’s?! {just kidding, I do!} This seriously made my night, weekend, probably whole week!


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