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April 30, 2010


Hanna and I went to this really fun event last night at The Beverly Center. We sat for a fashion show {totally re-established by goal to go to Fashion Week one day} and Nick Verreos from Project Runway Season 2 hosted, and Rachel Pally, Corey Lynn Calter, Daniella Clarke from Frankie B. Jeans were on the style panel. I absolutley love Rachel Pally’s line and it was so cool because afterwards Hanna and I went up to talk to her. She is so sweet and drop dead gorgeous! She looks like she’s in her young 20s and has amazing skin. Also Nick Verreos was hilarious!

He looks so serious here but I promise he was all smiles!
After the event we went to Estee Lauder to get our free lipstick {!!} and one of the artists offered to do “touch ups.” The touch ups turned into full on makeup applications and took over an hour for the both of us. It was fun but I’m definitely not used to wearing such heavy makeup.

Our makeup artist Robert!

tunic Urban Outfitters {so old}, shiny leggings American Apparel, booties Mary Kyri, belt Atlantis Vintage

The night was SO much fun! I love fashion events and I love hanging out with my bestie Hanna! Isn’t she gorgeous? Someone thought we were sisters and that totally made me happy!

I know it may sound a little superficial but I really needed a night like tonight. I felt so much better about things and myself. And I’m still running on a happy high, if you can’t tell! This past week I’ve been feeling so down and I can pinpoint it to SO many things. For one, I’ve been so busy even though I’m not really working. I don’t feel like I have enough time in the day to get everything done. I’m stressed about an application for a teaching credential program. I’m also feeling depressed that I graduated from college almost one year ago! and don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything. And I’ve had less time to blog and visit blogs and that’s been getting me down too. You all are so wonderful and supportive and I do my best to keep updated with everything you’re doing. I promise I’ll be better. Tomorrow I’m going to catch up I swear!

Any big plans for the weekend? Lizzie, Hanna and I are having a couple night on Saturday with the boyfriends. Not sure if I told Matthew yet..oopsie!

Love you all!

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