lost without LOST

May 24, 2010


I can’t believe that last night was the Series Finale of LOST. I’m really going to miss that show. I think it was one of the greatest shows with the best character development, mystery, suspense, action, romance, comedy; it really had it all! I started watching it during a summer I was home from college. My mom and brother were in Germany and my dad and I rented Season 1. We seriously spent hours and hours in front of the TV. It was just so good; we’d finish an episode and have to start the next one. We were two seasons behind and it didn’t take long to catch up. Although when we did, we missed the ability to skip through commercials and watch the next episode right away.

Last night was both sad and happy. I couldn’t help crying at the end. Just seeing Jack lie on the grass at the end of the episode, dying, made me hurt a little. Even though “everyone is already dead” it still made me so sad. I don’t want this show to go but I’m so glad they wrapped everything up like they did. I was so happy that everyone was together and happy. And of course Jack and Kate was the best thing ever. Did any of you watch? What did you think?


image via Entertainment Weekly