ginger and her chicken

May 22, 2010


Matthew brought Ginger a little chicken squeaky toy the other night and she loves it. It’s her new favorite one. At first she was scared of it but now I think she’s trying to kill with her teeth {or show it or the other}. She’s quite the little love bug.

I got my wisdom teeth pulled this morning and oh my goodness! I was so scared. I had a mini panic attack in the doctor’s office. I knew everything would be okay, even though there is that slight risk. I was just freaking out about going under. I didn’t like that I’d count down from 20 and not get to 0. Not having that control over your body is a little scary. Yes, I know it happens every night when we go to bed but a little different here I think.

Regardless of my nerves, everything was okay. They didn’t make me count down, I just remember talking to the nurse, her putting a rubber piece in one jaw and I don’t remember her doing it for the next. I woke up, walked to the recovery room, and apparently had a talk with my mom and another nurse about the Dr. De Soto book. I don’t remember any of this, or looking at pictures of the nurse’s daughter, or tweeting about wanting “froyo and frozen yogurt.” I do know those are the same!

This week calls for some R&R and continuing with the house training!
I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your solid, crunchy, hard, foods. I’m jealous over here!


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