one year ago..

May 19, 2010


It’s been a year since I graduated college
since I left the Bay Area
since I moved out of a house with all my closest friends.
How has it already been a year?
Everyone says the first year out of college goes by the fastest and I so agree.
These pictures seem like they were taken the other week!

can you spot me?

the most beautiful flowers from Matthew

with Mal at my graduation dinner

sunburned after a long day in the sun

The things I miss from Berkeley include:
Dates in San Francisco
living with Mal, one of my best friends
and working with her, having classes with her
and watching Gossip Girl with her.
{bff time 24/7}
all the amazing restaurants and cafes
having extended family so close-by

Things I don’t miss so much include:
studying all the time and stressing about classes
living 45 minutes away from Matthew
living 6 hours away from my family

Of course I wish a year later I was in a different place career-wise
But otherwise I am so happy to be where I am.

Thank you everyone for all your puppy tips! They’ve definitely come in handy. I’m so happy that Ginger didn’t cry last night in her crate and she’s on her way to being potty trained. So far {knock on wood} no incidents in the house! I’m hoping to keep in that way although it’s only to be expected!


Update: She just had her first accident in the house. oopsie I guess I spoke too soon!
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