look book: walking into fall

August 30, 2010


Happy Monday everyone!! Was it just me or was this kind of a weird weekend? In LA it seemed like the changing of seasons. We had this crazy heat wave last week but then both Saturday and Sunday we had hazy, cold mornings that led into sunny, but breezy afternoons. The lighting definitely screamed fall and it made me feel like I wasn’t ready. It reminded me of going back to school but wanting to hold onto summer as long as I could! It led to a strange mood of missing college, friends, the Bay Area and wanting a change of my own. Coincidentally I had lunch with a friend from college and it was crazy that we hadn’t seen each other since last September! She’s had some amazing changes over the past couple months (she transferred with her job from D.C. to San Diego, scored an awesome raise, got an interview for TFA and a scholarship for a grad program!). I am so so happy for her and it was awesome to see her in person to share in the good news! It did make me wish, though, that I had more of a direction with what I want to do. She’s so lucky that she knows what she wants and is going after it! I still feel like I have so many different interests and I don’t know which one to pursue. I know I’ll figure everything out..hopefully sooner rather than later though!

romper Marshalls, jacket H&M, necklace Elephantine, head wrap random tie, shoes Jeffrey Campbell, purse Coach, ring Erica Anenberg via Gilt/Hautelook

Can I just tell you all how excited I am to be wearing this beautiful necklace from Rachel‘s Elephantine jewelry line!? I’ve been a fan of her work since last year and it’s such an honor to share with you this stunning piece. Rachel’s handmade designs are beautiful, dainty and so unique! I love this necklace, the Akira, because of the four little diamond shapes hanging so perfectly from the chain. It’s one of those pieces I can wear again and again {and I will, just you wait!}. Go check out her etsy and cartel shop…you will be blown away with loveliness!

Have a great day! And don’t have a case of the Mondays!