rollin’ through sushi school!

September 1, 2010


On Friday evening Hanna, Elizabeth and I went to a sushi making class! I’ve always wanted to do this before and the fact that it was sushi {my favorite food!} was even more amazing. It was three fun-filled hours of cutting, rolling, eating and talking! Definitely an experience I’ll always remember!

adding sushi vinegar to the rice

Hanna and Lizzie working on their cucumber rolls! {rice on the inside}

California roll with the rice on the outside! {not as tricky as it looks!}

Cheering with our spicy tuna, cucumber and avocado hand rolls!

Shrimp, Salmon, Octopus and Yellowtail Nigiri

The teacher, although not Japanese, has had extensive training in the U.S. and Japan since she was in high school. She taught us so many things I’d never heard before. She’s extremely picky when it comes to sushi and I couldn’t believe she hadn’t gone out and payed for sushi in 10 years! She said that once you have it a certain way you can’t have it any other way. I somewhat disagree with this because there are some amazing and innovative sushi chefs in LA but from a traditional standpoint I guess I can understand. Traditional sushi is really basic so as long as you’ve made good rice and have fresh fish you’re pretty much set! I definitely feel a lot more confident in my sushi skills and I’m hoping to put it to the test soon!


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