look book: twisty scarf

March 24, 2011


So I forgot to mention it in yesterdays post but this week has been one long and terrible one. It all started last Friday with my ridiculous dress fitting where they tried to charge me $700 for minor alterations. Spoiler alert: It’s not a form fitting dress and I’m not even getting a bustle, so $700 is a little much in my book. Plus they tried to charge me for the $80 bra the seamstress made me try on. Then there was a postage fiasco with the invites {which finally got out by the way..major drama there} and I almost ran out of gas on the freeway. My fault but so not fun! Needless to say I’m so very ready for the weekend! I’m having a little bachelorette getaway weekend in Santa Barbara and I swear thinking about that has been getting me through the week. It’s supposed to rain on Saturday but I’m just telling myself the weather channel is lying and playing an early April Fools joke.
jacket H&M, shirt and clutch Banana Republic, jeans Urban Outfitters, shoes Jessica Simpson, belt thrifted, headband c/o IHOD

I decided to do something a little different with my scarf..it needed to do a little twisty dance and I let it. I wasn’t sure if it looked weird or not but I kind of liked it. Something a little different I guess.

Have a great day everyone! One more day until the weekend!
oh and check out my feature on Frock Candy! I’m so honored they chose to feature me.