wedding wednesday: wedding hair

March 24, 2011


Decisions decisions! There are so many beautiful wedding hairstyles that I’ve seen and,while I kind of always liked the idea of wearing my hair down, I’ve started to think more about pulling it back. I love how Mar from TEAM Hair and Makeup did my hair for the shoot with Jose Villa last summer {above}. It’s soft and romantic and I think that’s kind of what our wedding will be like. Here are some other hairstyles I’ve been looking at recently.
So I’m thinking either messy bun or loose waves. Hm maybe I can do both! No that might be too ambitious. Do you like one style more than another? Or one I didn’t include?
For those engaged/married: How did/will you wear your hair on the big day? Did someone do it for you or did you do it yourself? While I’m thinking I could definitely trust myself to do it, it might be an added stress I don’t need. I don’t know, though. What do you guys think?
many of these photos were pulled from an inspiration folder 
where I forgot to document the source,  so if any of you know 
where one is from please let me know and I’ll give proper credit. 
For the ones I do know…
photo one Jose Villa, two&three&seven Once Wed, five&six GWS
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