honeymoon adventures in positano

June 22, 2011


Matthew and I spent the last three days of our honeymoon in Positano, which is right on the Amalfi Coast. It was the perfect end to our trip because we got to relax a little bit and enjoy delicious seafood and the most stunning views. I loved laying out at the hotel’s sun deck, which overlooked the water. There was also an infinity pool that looked like it blended right into the Mediterranean. So cool!
have you ever seen a lemon this big?!
fell in love with a pair of very Italian Fendi heels…if only..

Matthew and I were so lucky to go to Italy for our honeymoon. I loved that we got to experience the city, the country and the sea! It’s hard to believe that we were there a month ago. It’s already feeling so far away and I know Matthew is dying to figure out some way for us to move there permanently. haha we’ll see about that! I’ll always cherish and remember the time we spent in Italy and hope that one day we can go back and do it all over again! If any of you are considering an Italian honeymoon I’d recommend it 100%! Oh and I’m planning on writing a separate post with information about hotels, restaurants and sights for those of you who’ve emailed me.
my sunglasses are from 80s Purple. I wore them the whole trip and I loved them!