look book: positano

June 21, 2011


Matthew and I didn’t have much time for outfit photos in Italy, but we did take some our last night in Positano before we went to dinner. Positano, as you will see in tomorrow’s final honeymoon post, is absolutely gorgeous! The views of the water are incredible and we were blessed with sunny days and cool evenings. Something funny that will explain the second to last photo: we walked down by the water for these photos and within minutes I was getting attacked by hundreds of gnats. It was absolutely disgusting and I’m blaming the timing and close proximity to the water. It must be an evening thing. We hurried to get some photos in and then left as quickly as possible. Of course I had to take another shower before dinner because they were nesting in my hair. It was so nasty! Hopefully I didn’t gross you out too much before lunch! haha

attack of the nasty gnats!
sweater Madewell {worn in last post}, skirt J. Crew {worn way too often}, shoes Michael Kors {my only heels in Italy}, scarf Tory Burch {from one of my bfs Mal}

Matthew left this morning for a work conference in San Francisco and I already miss him! It will be our first couple nights apart since before the wedding. You know what that means.. party! hehe juust kidding. I’ll miss him a lot but I’ll spend my time catching up on all my girly shows he’s refused to watch with me!